I Won a Trip to Nepal

Bridgette (Neroli Team Member), Susan (Owner) and Bridget (Trip Winner) as they leave Milwaukee, WI for Nepal
Bridgette (Neroli Team Member), Susan (Owner) and Bridget (Trip Winner) as they leave Milwaukee for Chicago where they will meet Sue with AVEDA and then begin their journey to Nepal

by Neroli Guest, Bridget Baker


The day I found out I won the Neroli Salon & Spa trip giveaway to Nepal was surreal. The anticipation was with me for 9 months…kind of like having a baby. The wonder of what was in store, imaging what new experiences could change me forever occupied my thoughts almost daily.
Four Seasons in Doha
Four Seasons in Doha
Having dinner in Doha during a layover
Having dinner in Doha during a layover. Aveda Executive, Sue, joined us in Chicago before leaving the US.


Now That I Am Here

Flying into Nepal
Flying into Nepal
Every moment has been true joy. I am experiencing a very unique culture that has been educational, eye opening and humbling. The beautiful people here are generous in their spirit and quick to offer a heart warming smile.  Our first day here we were lucky enough to be present for shiva. Roughly 700,000 Hindu worshipers from all over arrived in the city. With our guides we walked to the temple and I feel like we brushed elbows with 400,000 people.

While this sounds potentially unpleasant it was amazing!! I gained an understanding of another religion and the passion of its people was felt everywhere.

Yesterday I had the fortune to visit the paper making factory that partners with AVEDA. Watching this process and all the work that encompasses the lovely end product left me overwhelmed with emotion. The beautiful women who work to create the paper had me wanting to be side by side with them. They are strong and their spirit for a better life through this work really left a mark of my heart. The guides that have been with us are beyond anything I could have ever expected. Every detail of our trip is handled by them with such kindness and sincerity that I often have a “water build-up” in my eyes. I don’t know what I did to deserve this good fortune…but I will keep trying to understand my role in this life journey.
AVEDA Paper Making Community

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