Top 2014 Wellness Trends

At Neroli Salon & Spa we’re all about staying on top of the latest in health and wellness. From green juice to the latest boutique fitness studio on the corner, we’ve curated favorite wellness trends of 2014. Cheers to a happy and healthy 2015.

1. Green Mentality


Green juicing isn’t just for cleaning anymore. While people still do juice cleanse, green juice has moved into the daily habit category. We’re loving all the multi-colored beauties in everyone’s left hand. Cheers to more leafy beverages in 2015.

2. Have Yoga will Travel


In the past, hotels have raised their profiles by adding five-star restaurants, swanky spas, and socialite-drawing nightclubs. Now, wellness is the must-have amenity. Margaritas in Mexico now come with a morning yoga sweat session. Pass the coconut water, please.

3. Spin it Out


High intensity spin sessions took America by storm this year. From SoulCycle to FlyWheel, you can party on bike anywhere anytime. Who said working out had to be boring?

4. Lovely Coconuts


Put it on your hair, your feet, you baby’s bottom…you name it, coconut oil can solve it. Click here for the latest coconut oil cures.

5.  Good-For-Your-Gut Foods


Michael Pollan’s ode to the micro biome published in the New York Times this year brought a topic that was increasingly buzz worthy in research circles to the masses—it convinced people everywhere that a balanced, happy gut is one of the biggest keys to longevity and health. We’re sipping Kombucha and loving every moment.

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2014 wellness tips adapted from Well+Good article, here. 


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