Wellness Challenge

Commit To Get Fit

Our team knows that it is easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you’re doing it side-by-side other people than alone.

That’s why we are going to be putting our fitness goals into action this year….

Neroli will be taking on a team wellness challenge that is designed to motivate and inspire each other to stay active. There will be monthly contests from January until April that our team can participate in that will be tracking who takes the most steps or reaches their weightless percentage goals. Nothing adds a little spice to your daily routine like joining a barre or spinning class. We’ll keep you updated on how our team is doing with their challenge…

Do you have any wellness related goals in 2017?

We have a few ideas that will help you achieve them…

Yoga Classes

We are offering $5 yoga classes on the 4th floor of our AVEDA building at the Downtown location. Our yoga classes with Jason will leave you feeling stronger & toned.

Class Schedule

Ayurveda Services

Although this doesn’t compare to going fast & furious on the elliptical, your body needs time to renew & replenish itself. Ayurveda services are the ultimate relaxation. Your body can only go full speed for so long, and what better way to de-compress than a warm oil treatment or get invigorated in a eucalyptus steam tent.

Ayurveda Service Menu

No Time? No Excuses…

We know that life happens, but sometimes we are our worst enemy when it comes to sticking to our resolutions. One way to make your morning routine easier is to “wake up & makeup.” We have two unique services that will help you get up, get out, and get to work.

Microblading Service Menu

Eyelash Extension Service Menu

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