Upgrade Your Average Ponytail: Holiday Tutorial


With the Holiday season in full swing, don’t let the busyness of the next month get the best of you…or your hair! Whether your busting through crowds at the mall or have a festive party to attend, we’ve got the perfect 5-minute “updo” that anyone can pull off. You can make this look polished & sleek or touch it up for a textured fun look. Neroli Salon & Spa Hair Designer, Tina will show you how to create a look so you feel glam & gorgeous all season long.

Tools Used:
-Tail Comb
-Elastic Hair Tie
-Bobby Pins
-Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo
-Optional: Aveda Spray-On Shine
-Aveda Air Control Hairspray

Step 1: This style works best with day old hair, if your’s is freshly washed, add a few puffs of dry shampoo to give it some grip & texture.

Note: You can do this style with straight, wavy, or curled hair. For my hair I added a little wave with my curling iron, leaving the ends out to give it a softer look.


Step 2: Use the tail end of your comb to section the front section from the actual pony tail portion. *Depending on the density of your hair, you may want to leave more/less out of the pony tail to ensure you have enough (or not too much) hair left out the wrap around the elastic.


Step 3: Once the front and back sections are separated (you can have the front pieces hang, or clip them up if they get in the way). Then use your comb to gently tease the back section.


Step 4: Once you have the amount of volume you want in your pony, wrap your elastic around.


Step 5: Take the right side of the front section and wrap it across and over the ponytail to the left side. Secure with a couple bobby pins. Repeat these steps with the left front piece.

Note: Before you secure the section into your ponytail, use a hand-held mirror to check the back & ensure there are not loose or out-of-place hairs.



Step 6: To give your ponytail some added va-va-vume puff someday shampoo in the ends, as this will help add texture and grip to help the volume last. *If you feel like the dry shampoo made your ends look dull, use a few sprays of Aveda Spray-On Shine for a glossy finish.


Step 7: If you want a softer look, gently pull out & loosen any bangs, or shorter pieces framing your face. Finish off your look with a light hold hairspray.



This blog was written by Neroli Downtown Hair Designer, Tina. To schedule a hair service with Tina, call 414.227.2888.

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