The Untold Benefits of Massage


Whoever said, “All good things are fattening,” was wrong when it comes to massage therapy.

According to Mayo Clinic, massage therapy can help aid weight loss, better digestion, deeper sleep, and migraine suppression.

Also, the American Journal of Clinical Dermatology published a study that described how 60% of clients lost cellulite in their thighs after receiving deep-tissue massage.  Apparently, massage aids lymphatic drainage and can decrease thigh circumference and fat thickness.

Despite massage having several benefits, 50% of adult Americans receive massage therapy only for pain relief or muscle soreness, according to American Massage Therapy Association.


“I like to joke that there’s a massage for everything,” says Marissa, Neroli Salon & Spa’s downtown massage therapist.


Marissa, who has preformed massage for 11 years, explains that our bodies have self-healing powers. However, our bodies cannot heal themselves when they are stressed or anxious.

“When we’re stressed, our cortisol levels are high.  When our cortisol levels are high, we cannot sleep well, and also, we cannot digest well.”

So healthy eating and exercise isn’t enough to live a healthy, lean life?

“Making time for relaxation and massage is just as important as eating healthy and exercising,” Marissa explains. “When our bodies are relaxed, the healing process begins.”


Greg, Neroli’s Mequon massage therapist who has 14 years of massage therapy under his belt, agrees with Marissa.

“Digestion happens clock-wise, and so we are taught to massage the abdominal section in that same motion to help aid regular digestion,” Greg says.

Abdominal+Massage+with+Gemma+Nelson+www.PurityHealthAlthough abdominal massage has shown to aid digestion, Greg shares that many people in Wisconsin are conservative, and prefer to take supplements instead of receiving an abdominal massage.  However, even those who swear by modernized medicine still seek more holistic forms of treatment.

“Many of my regular clients are nurses, which is ironic,” Greg explains, “because their days are full of handing pills to patients, but at the end of the day, they come to me for alternative treatment.”

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