Team Training With Kim K’s Makeup Artist: Mario Dedivanovic

We sent two of our makeup artists to learn the hottest tips & tricks from makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, who’s clientele includes hollywood’s hottest stars, such as: Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera, and Chrissy Teigan, to name a few.

Read on to discover some of the insider secrets they learned that can help you become a beauty pro….

Going to see celebrity makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, celebrity makeup artist, I was expecting to meet someone who was a little snooty. However, after meeting him, he was actually the sweetest most down to earth guy who was so incredibly humble. Mario talked about his journey to how he got to where he was in his career, and that was work, and a lot of it. Mario talked about always saying yes to any opportunity you get, to do what you love.  You may never know what doors can be open for you.  Besides being a complete sweetheart, he’s also an amazing makeup artist.

A couple things Mario had talked about really caught my attention.  One being, primers.  For being a well known artist who creates flawless looks, he uses none.  Making sure you take care of your skin and cleanse twice daily, leaves for a great canvas.  He really put an emphasis on taking care of your skin, and invest in products that are going to really benefit it.  All you need is a great skin regimen and your set for a beautiful makeup application.

Having your foundation perfectly match and blend into your skin for a flawless finish also is key.  How Mario does it, is to apply your foundation with a fluffier brush all over your face (dont forgot neck and ears), then after your foundation is applied pat all over with a damp sponge, like a Beauty Blender. Don’t be scared to use some pressure when tapping the sponge onto your skin, do not use stroking motions only tapping. You really want the foundation to meld into your skin. He also made it clear to just be mindful of the pressure your using, not only when applying your foundation but when you’re doing you’re shadow and blush.  You want to start very lightly and build off the base shadow or blush color your creating rather then starting with a really strong color and trying to diffuse it with lighter colors.

Another key take away is the importance of transleucent powder.  When doing your foundation, and its liquid, Instead of using a powder that matches your skin tone to “set” your face, use a trans. powder instead.   Using one will also prevent feeling oily, but will prevent the feeling of cakiness, and feeling like you have too much makeup on.  Using a transleucent powder even on your eyeshadow to diffuse a smokey eye gives a really flawless look.  Transleucent powder gives a really beautiful almost satin finish after you apply your foundation.  It helps create a great base for your shadows, bronzer, and blush, to adhere to.

Contrary to what most viewers might think , the “Contour King’ Mario Dedivanovic would describe himself as a old school makeup artist. He believes its not in what you have but what you do with it. His attention to detail is like none other and truly something you need to see for yourself! I would be crazy to spill all of the masters beans, but I will share with you three simple tips that I have been using in my daily practice.

  1. To prep for a flawless finish, always moisturize the face, décolleté, and ears. He recommends applying moisturizer evenly with a damp sponge for all skin types.
  2. Use a translucent powder to blend out any harsh transitions. This will not only set the color but also keep your makeup true to color.
  3. What works for one, does not work for all. Be sure to choose makeup looks and techniques that work for you!

For artists: Look at each face as its own and provide a thorough consultation to determine what look to create and don’t be afraid to provide your professional opinion.

Blog written by Mequon Hair Designers and Makeup Artists, Sadie & Michelle.

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