Team Spotlight: Tina, Downtown Hair Designer




Tina, Downtown Hair Designer, is a combination of unique traits. She’s soft-spoken. She has a contagious passion for people, hair, and fuzzy cuddly animals. She is head-turning beautiful, and she is modest beyond belief.

Everyone, meet Tina.



Where are you from? Where do you fall in your family?
I grew up in Milwaukee, and have one younger sister.

What did you do before becoming a hair designer?
I went to UWM for accounting, and worked in the service industry at a few different bars/restaurants.

What inspired you to become a hair designer?
As kid, I loved seeing hair and makeup in magazines and TV shows. I would collect pictures and stick them on my wall or glue them in a notebook. I’ve had an interest in hair and beauty for as long as I can remember.

Are there any points of difference for Aveda hair color (in comparison to other hair color)?
Aveda hair color is completely customizable! With Aveda, we create the desired hair color by adding pure pigments and pure tones (basically all of the colors of the rainbow) to a base . This allows us to be creative and specialize formulas for each guest. It gives us endless possibilities.

What do you think is the greatest misconception/judgment people have about hair (whether it be caring for it, styling it, etc.)?
Depending on your hair type, hair health, and past color treatments, creating a drastic color change often times requires more than one appointment. I want to do what is best for the integrity of your hair, so that it not only looks beautiful, but also remains healthy.

What is your philosophy on beauty?
True beauty is being comfortable in your own skin and sharing your gifts with the world.

What piece of advice would you give to people about how to care for their hair?
Don’t shampoo every day, use a heat protectant before styling, and get haircuts regularly. Healthy hair is beautiful hair.

What inspires you, both in work and in life?
In work, challenges and problem-solving. I love to get to know someone and their hair, and make it better every appointment.
In life, family and friends! I am surrounded by people that are constantly doing fun and amazing things. It motivates me to try new things and to be open to change.

Do you have a guilty pleasure?
I’m a total sweet tooth! I love dark chocolate and ice cream.

Finish the sentence: On my days off, I love to _____.
Spend time with my boyfriend, friends, and family. Travel. Try new restaurants. Snuggle my cat, Lenny.

If you could domesticate a wild animal as a pet, it would be _____.
A pygmy marmoset! I love monkeys, and they are so tiny and cute 🙂

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