Team Spotlight: Maggie, East Side Hair Designer

Above: Maggie, East Side Hair Designer

Did you always know you wanted to do hair?

I actually have always known i wanted to be in the beauty industry.  I used to be the one all my friends came to for haircuts, color and their prom updo’s in high school, despite not really knowing what i was doing!  I even worked at a salon as a receptionist (back in the day of using pencil and notebook to make appointments without a computer) my last two years of high school.
I was about to go to a beauty school in Green Bay when my high school art teacher and parents highly encouraged me to apply to art school, my other love.  I ended up with a 1/2 tuition scholarship to Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and fell in love with the school and the people of MIAD.  I graduated in 2009 with a BFA in printmaking and painting.  I explored that career for almost  two years, working in an amazing art shop in Sturgeon Bay and becoming an intern at the Peninsula School of Art.
Ultimately the urge to do hair and work in this industry was still there, so I went for it!  And it turns out I love it!

What’s your beauty philosophy?

Beauty is so personal.  It could mean you absolutely love wearing a full face of glam makeup everyday or it could mean you love a bare face and a messy bun.  Whatever it is, don’t be ashamed or embarrassed.  Sounds so cliche but YOU DO YOU, and embrace it with confidence.

Any hair trends you’re into these days?

You know, I’m still into the whole “lived in color” thing.  I still love it.  Its so versatile and it allows my guests to have beautiful hair all the time, even if they have to cancel their appointment last minute.  Their color wont start to look “bad” if they go a few extra weeks!

What’s a misconception or judgment people have about hair services?

Sometimes I think that guests are nervous that hairdressers are going to judge them, maybe for not knowing exactly what they want, or for using the “wrong” products, or for not styling their hair everyday.  I always tell my guests that I am a judgment-free zone when they start apologizing for not brushing their hair or not wearing makeup.
The salon should be a place where people can relax and know that we are taking care of them for the few hours they are with us.  We are here to help.  And by all means, wear sweatpants if you want, we don’t care!

What’s an average day like at the East Side location?

Tuesday through Thursday we all hit the ground running.  Days usually start out nice and calm and then the energy goes full blast around 4pm… everyone needs their hair done after their work day!  There is a great sense of camaraderie between us here which helps on the days that we all need a helping hand.

Favorite things to do in Milwaukee?

Oh man, there are so many things.  I love being outdoors so all of the parks we have in the surrounding area are on the list.  Even just the oak leaf trail down by South Shore Park or Seven Bridges.  I love all the little neighborhood events in the summer like Bayview Gallery Night and the Cedarburg Flea Market.  Also a good bar with a good cocktail and a good outdoor patio.

If you can dine with anyone, who would it be and why?

Loretta Lynn…I would love to find out everything about her childhood and how she became such an influencer as a female country artist in an era where women’s voices were not heard.  My family and her family are distantly related so of coarse I would ask everything about our family history in Kentucky and uncover knowledge that maybe we don’t know about… and I would ask to see her dress collection.

On your day off, we can find you ___.

Summer: Riding the motorcycle with my husband to some unknown destination, sitting on a beach, walking our three dogs, sitting around a camp fire, working in the yard, catching up with friends, camping.

Winter: Painting commissioned pet portraits, baking, shopping for clothes I don’t need, traveling or relaxing on the couch watching a movie.

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