Team Spotlight: Kathy, Bayshore Hair Designer

Did you always know you wanted to be a Hair Designer?

Not exactly. I always loved art, fashion, and everything that goes along with it. As a third grader, I started to really love beauty. I had a life-sized Barbie doll head with false eyelashes; I loved doing her hair and make-up. Also, I’d shape and polish my own nails and put hot rollers in my hair. My mother let me leave the house, so I couldn’t have looked too bad.

You’ve been with Neroli for almost 20 years!
How does that feel?

The time has flown! I started with the company when it was only five years old; I was the seventh hair dresser hired. Neroli has grown as a company, but also, I have grown with this company through it’s endless education. There’s so much opportunity to keep learning, even if it’s not an Aveda training. Susan is committed to everyone’s growth and education; she is true to her word.

What is your favorite thing about the guest experience at Neroli?

I love the reactions guests have when they receive our stress-relieving rituals before their service, like our head and shoulder massages. Even the shampooing process–it’s such an important part of a service. Nothing ruins a service like a bad shampoo. Guests feel your energy at the shampoo bowl.

You’re the only Great Lengths certified Hair Designer at Neroli.
Can you tell us more about about Great Lengths extensions?

Yes, they’re small individual extensions that can last between four to six months. I use a keratin attachments–they’re very small, about the size of the grain of rice–and are unnoticeable in the hair. I’ve seen a lot of poorly done extensions, where hair dresses cut corners and make them look very choppy. As a very detail-oriented person, I make sure they look natural.  I also do Easihair extensions, which are great and cost less than Great Lengths, but they don’t quite stay as long in my experience.

What do you love to do on your day off?

When the weather is nice, I love to garden. I love fashion magazines and keeping up with fashion and hair trends. Also, I love watching travel shows.

Tell us about your time share in Cancun, Mexico.

Actually, the time share came through a guest of mine at Neroli, and oh my gosh, I love it so much. It’s wonderful to have a place to share memories with friends and family.  I used to vacation through Europe and did a lot of sight-seeing, but when I’d get back, I’d need another vacation just from traveling. Mexico is a very relaxing place to visit.  I actually plan to go in a couple weeks.

If you could go back in time, what advice would you give yourself as a young stylist?

Take care of yourself physically, because this profession is hard on your body. Do yoga. The strength, flexibility, and stretching will benefit you.

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