Team Spotlight: Jay, Bayshore Massage Therapist

Did you always know you wanted to be a massage therapist?  If not, what were you doing beforehand?

I worked with at-risk youth for years after college, and learned my purpose is to help others greatly in a positive way.  This led me to learning energy work and becoming a Reiki Master while living in Oregon.  When I moved back to Milwaukee in 2011, I realized Reiki wasn’t as popular here as it was on the West Cost, so I become a Massage Therapist and incorporated energy work into my practice.

What is your wellness philosophy?

It comes down to creating a healthy relationship with our own bodies. Each one of us is different. What works for some, doesn’t for others.  So when you become in tune with your body and it’s healthy needs, it will bring balance to your mind and decrease unnecessary stress.

What wellness routines do you do outside of work?

 I meditate daily and hike in nature to ease the mind.  I surround myself with other wellness-minded people who have the same passion. I also use many essential oils as my medical kit for daily life.  When it comes to diet, I choose to eat local organic food and grow my own food as much as possible.

What advice would you give a guest before booking a massage or entering a service?

I tell each guest prior to each service that all they need to do is breathe and relax.  I’m aware it’s not easy for many to do, so I guide them to let go of all past and future moments and enjoy this moment.   This way, we’re able to get rid of what’s unwanted(stress) and make room for what’s wanted.

What is the biggest misconception people have about massage therapy?

The biggest misconception is that massage is just a luxury.  Massage can be so effective to one’s lifestyle, when consistent.  Again, it’s about tuning into your body and finding it’s needs.   Everyone deserves to minimize stress from their lives and live a more positive life.

If you could dine with anyone, who would it be?

I’d like to dine with Bob Uecker, radio announcer for the Milwaukee Brewers since 1970. I’ve listened to this guy since I was born, and he still cracks me up to this day.  I admire his optimism and enthusiasm for our home team.
The meal would most likely consist of Usinger brats on a Pretzilla Bun, washed down with a Summer Shandy and finished off with some Cedar Crest Ice Cream.  Anyone who listens to him will know what I mean.

If you were to create a slogan for life, what would it be?

Listen to your intuition.  This will unveil what your true purpose is, and move you forward in a positive direction.

When you aren’t working, you are ____.

Hiking, camping, getting on the lakes, and exploring Northern Wisconsin.   I always enjoy live music that gets the body moving.

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