Team Spotlight: Jade, Nail Designer


JADE MAY HAVE A PETITE FRAME, but she also has a massive passion. Jade, who’s been a Nail Designer with Neroli for 12 years, has retained loyal guests from day one but continues to inspire new guests on a daily basis.

Everyone, meet our friend and nail designer, Jade.


Where are you from/where were you born? Where do you fall in your family?

I was born in Milwaukee but grew up in Oak Creek. I am my mom’s middle child and my dad’s oldest. I have an older brother, a younger sister and a younger brother.

Did you have a career before becoming a nail designer for Neroli?

I have always worked in some sort of customer service position. If it was in a mall, I probably worked there. I’ve also done photography and worked for LASIK Vision.
I was the customer service manager at Old Navy while going to school at IBW for manicuring.
Above: Jade, her boyfriend, and her son enjoying the warm weather.

What drew you to nail design?

I actually wanted to go to school for hair, but was persuaded into the manicuring program since it was a shorter program and it would get me into the salon environment right away. I had the intention of starting the cosmetology program while working at Neroli. Twelve years later, I’m still a nail designer.

Above: Jade’s favorite phrase, “I am enough,” is tattooed on her arm.
What is a misconception/judgment people often have about your services? 
That we “just do nails”. What we do is far more than just the act of doing nails. We take care of people by offering the moment of wellness in their day. We educate our guests on how to care for their nails at home.
We customize the service to their exact needs.

Are there any myths about nail care that you find true or false?
I’ve had to work hard to debunk the myth that gel polish is bad for nails or that it destroys the nails.
Unfortunately, that destruction comes from improper removal. We pride ourselves on a very gentle way of removal and making sure that we re-hydrate and replenish the nails after removal.

Above: Jade, her boyfriend, and her son sporting their hoodies.

What inspires you, both in work and in life?

I love that my guests allow me to be a part of their day. They trust me. I’ve had the honor of getting a glimpse into their lives and getting them ready for some amazing life experiences.

What brings you to your “happy place”?

Coming HOME. Home to my five year old son. Home to my amazing boyfriend. Family time. Home isn’t just the physical place. It’s a feeling that we have created. And it’s magical.

Above: Jade, her boyfriend, and her son in Halloween action. 

Favorite food?

 Hmmm.. that’s a tough one. Pizza. Tacos. Cheesecake.
Favorite song?
Promise you won’t laugh? Dirty Dancing is my all time favorite movie. Swayze was such a Fox. With that being said,“I’ve had the time of my life “ digs so deep into me. The original, not the Black Eyed Peas version. It will literally stop me in my tracks.
Do you have a pet?
We have two cats.. Bull and Bear (yes, the stock market)
Is there a special quote that resonates with you?
“I am enough.”
I have it tattooed on me. It’s so powerful, especially in the age of bullying and all. I think it’s important that we all remind each other that we are enough. I have to constantly remind myself of this on a daily basis.

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