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AS A LICENSED AYURVEDIC ESTHETICIAN, it’s Eve’s job to provide people with balance and comfort, but her ability to sooth doesn’t go away when she’s off the books. Eve, who has gentle brown eyes and a soft voice, is a natural nurturer. She’s the type of person who will massage her dear co-worker’s shoulders as she carefully listens during the morning team huddle. She is a person who believes that, by caring for oneself internally, one shine brighter in the external world.

Eve provides special services that are rare to find in the entire city of Milwaukee. When Eve’s not in a service, Eve writes for Urban Ayurveda and also teaches classes over at Aveda Institute Madison. Although she’s a busy woman, Eve generously took time to answer questions about her work and life.

What did you do before becoming an Ayurveda Esthi?

I was an Aveda Advisor/Team Leader at Neroli! I was hired on my 20th birthday so I didn’t have a real career before I started at Neroli.

What drew you to becoming an Ayurveda Esthetician?

I didn’t seriously consider being an esthetician until I started working at Neroli, but at the time of my hire I was pursuing a bachelor’s degree.  I really struggled at a university finding something I loved.  Then, one day at a full company meeting our owner, Susan, introduced a new program, Ayurveda Esthetics. I immediately knew that was something I wanted to enroll in.  I have always been interested in alternative medicine and holistic healing and was vaguely familiar with Ayurveda and knew I wanted to learn more.


Susan, owner of Neroli Salon & Spa

What is a misconception/judgment people often have about your services?

I think a misconception or judgment about Ayurvedic services is that to receive one you have to be familiar with Ayurveda, or that the services aren’t for everyone. They are for EVERYONE! And you don’t need to know anything about Ayurveda to receive one. They are truly relaxing experiences that help reduce stress, detox your body, and calm your mind and body.

Aside from Ayurveda, what do you love about skin treatment?  Did you ever have problem skin? If so, what did you to as a treatment?

I love that you can heal yourself from the inside out. Anything that is happening on your skin is because of something going on inside.  Whether it’s hormonal, not eating the right foods for your body, or stressful lifestyle, it’s going to show up on your skin. The good news is you have the power to heal yourself! I have struggled with hormonal acne since my early 20’s and through Ayurveda, regular facials, and quality skincare ingredients, I have seen such dramatic results in my skin.


Some of Eve’s favorite Ayurvedic skincare ingredients.

Are there any myths about skin care that you find true or false?

I think it’s a myth that your skincare routine has to have a bunch of products.  When it comes to skincare, I am a believer that less is more. We often get overwhelmed with all the products on the market. Instead of diving into buying cleansers, toners, serums, moisturizers, and masques, start with a basic cleanser and moisturizer and get a facial once a month.

What inspires you, both in work and life?

Right now I am inspired by a book called “Woman Code” by Alissa Vitti.  Even though Alissa isn’t based in Ayurveda, she has the same idea that as women we need to listen to the rhythm of our bodies.  I have struggled with hormone imbalances like so many other women I meet, and this book is life-changing.


What brings you to your “happy place”?

Being in Door County brings me to my happy place!  I love going there to recharge, relax, and enjoy our beautiful lake.

Door County

Eve’s photo of Door County

Favorite song?

A favorite song at the moment is “Still Feel like your Man” by John Mayer. It’s such a fun song and just sounds like classic John.

Is there a special quote that resonates with you?

My favorite Sanskrit mantra is “Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu.” It translates to “May all beings everywhere be happy.” I think it’s such a beautiful phrase, and who doesn’t need a little more happiness?

To learn more about Eve’s daily life or services, check out her Instagram or book an appointment with her at our Bayshore location.

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