Team Spotlight: Allison, Downtown Hair Designer

Above: Allison, Downtown Hair Educator

Did you always know you wanted to be in the beauty industry? 

I originally started going to school at UWM for art history and art education. I saw the writing on the wall, even then, that the job market in that field was shrinking and would be difficult to find placement. I left and worked for a year in retail and the service industry and made a friend working at a salon. She loved her job and it seemed fun and creative and a space that I could use some of my art education. So I decided to enroll at IBW and really loved it.

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What’s your beauty philosophy?

My beauty philosophy is self care. I have a lot of guests that take care of so many other people is their lives–children, coworkers, patients, aging parents. I believe that when you take time for yourself and replenish yourself you are able to better take care of others. 

Any hair trends that you’re into these days?

I’m into beautiful healthy hair. Creating beautiful color that keeps the integrity of the hair intact is so important.

What’s a misconceptionthat people have about hair services?

The biggest misconception I run into is the assumption that you can put one color on top of any hair color and it will come out that way. Pinterest is a blessing and a curse. It is great to have a visual to work from, but it can often take hours, hundreds of dollars and sometimes multiple appointments to get from one color to another. 

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What’s one thing you favor most about the culture at Neroli Salon & Spa?

I love the emphasis on continuing education and the support our team provides for each other. In an industry that is changing all the time, it is so important to stay up on all the new techniques and trends. Our team is so supportive of each other, whether we’re running behind or need to talk out formulations, we are all so great about helping each other out. 

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You’re a hair educator.  How long did it take you to get there, and what do you like most about it?

I’ve been an educator for the company for about seven years. I love mentoring new stylists and seeing when concepts come together and click for them. 

Favorite thing(s) to do in Milwaukee?

My favorite things to do in Milwaukee are spending time with my dog and friends and family. I have a six year old shitzu-poodle mix named Hiccup. He has a head to tail Mohawk and can be found all over the city. 

If you could dine with anyone, who would it be and why?

If I could have dinner with anyone right now, it would be John Mayer.  I need to know why he is still putting out terrible pop music, but slaying with one of the greatest bands of all time, The Grateful Dead.

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On your day off, we can find you_____.

If I’m not at work and not with my dog, I’m traveling or going to a concert. I love to travel, with other people and solo. I enjoy hiking and surfing, and as much as I love Milwaukee, I usually need to travel do those. 

 If you weren’t doing hair professionally,  you’d be doing ______.

If I wasn’t doing hair professionally, I would probably be traveling and working on animal sanctuaries. 

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