Team Spotlight: Alli, Hair & Makeup Artist

How does one start to describe Alli?
To put it simply, Alli is full of life. Her personality is equal parts soft and spunk. Life is thrilling to Alli–from the food she consumes, to her afternoons in nature–and she brings her joyful attitude to the world of beauty and wellness.

Everyone, meet Alli.

Did you have a job/career before becoming a hair & makeup artist?
Before attending beauty school, I worked in an ice cream parlor and a care facility as a dietary aide for people with developmental disabilities.

What drew you to the beauty and wellness industry?
When I was four, I told everyone I wanted to do hair and makeup when I grew up. I imagined helping brides get ready for their wedding day, and dreamed of working backstage at New York Fashion Week, which I have done six times now.

Above: Alli does makeup at NYFW.

What is your favorite thing about doing hair and makeup?
My favorite thing about doing hair and makeup is making someone’s day. Whether it’s giving him or her a new cut or color, or brightening their face with some simple makeup tips. Mostly, though, it’s about giving them a great experience with positive energy to brighten their day beyond what a new hair or makeup look can even accomplish.

Are there any myths or misconceptions people have about hair and makeup that you find true or false?
You can’t color your hair dark and expect to be a beautiful ashy blonde in one hair color appointment. Beautiful hair takes time (sometimes a few appointments to achieve the desired look), and it’s important to keep the integrity of the hair strong to make that hair beautiful. So true!

What are your “go to” beauty products?
Thickening Tonic! A ‘must have’ for fine hair! I also cannot live without Aveda skincare and makeup- I get a lot of compliments about my skin and all credit goes to Tulasara serums, the Wedding Masque eye and face cremes, and Aveda makeup.

Above: Alli owns a few beauty products.

What inspires you, both in work and in life?
I am inspired by passionate, motivated people and kindness toward others. Seeing someone reach a goal they have set is amazing, and as an Aveda Makeup Professional, I get to see that all the time in my classes. I see it a lot when I work at Fashion Week in New York as well. The team there does such an amazing job of supporting each other and working together to put together awesome shows. We truly become one big family.
I am also motivated and inspired by my own family. My husband and my parents are always there to help when someone needs it. They work very hard for all the things they have achieved. It reminds me that hard work pays off to achieve our dreams and that you are never to busy to help a friend in need.

What brings you to your “happy place”?
My happy place is in nature. My husband is a mountain bike racer so we spend A LOT of our time outdoors throughout Wisconsin all summer. I enjoy being outside and connecting with nature while cheering on all the racers and petting everyone’s dogs that are spectating as well. I love animals so my other happy place is snuggling on the couch with my two orange cats, Owen and Chester.

Above: Sometimes Alli’s husband shows her how to ride.

Favorite food?
My favorite food is probably… tacos… burgers… mac and cheese… pizza? bacon? I love food; I can’t decide.

Above: Alli doesn’t discriminate towards food.

Is there a special quote that resonates with you?
The quote for me that first comes to mind is the Latin phrase I learned in prep school: alis volat propriis. It means “she flies with her own wings.”
It resonates with me because I have always set goals for myself and focused on achieving them. Even if someone didn’t “get it”, I still worked hard to make it happen and I’m proud of where I’ve gotten.


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