Team Continues Education: Fibromyalgia Massage

Yesterday, four massage therapists from Neroli Salon & Spa continued their education with Jeff Montoya’s Massage for Fibromyalgia lesson.

What is Fibromyalgia?

Good question. Fibromyalgia is a diagnosed musculoskeletal condition. It is characterized by widespread muscle and joint pain, fatigue, and can often lead to depression and/or social isolation.

Interestingly, the condition occurs most frequently in women.

Above: Photo from MedicineNet shows common areas where pain persists.

Massage for Fibromyalgia

Our massage therapist, Melissa, often jokes that “there is a massage for everything.” Indeed, there is massage for Fibromyalgia.

Instructor for IBW, Jeff Montoya, led a class of students today to share his knowledge on massage for fibromyalgia. He focused on techniques that encourage circulation throughout the muscles, which increased blood flow of nutrients.

This is particularly beneficial for fibromyalgia, as it reduces heart rate, relaxes muscles, improves range of motion, and increases production of the body’s natural painkillers.


What are the takeaways?

We asked our massage therapists what they learned in today’s educational.

Jake, Downtown massage therapist, said:

“I love the minimal oil used, the stretching, and separating techniques Jeff demonstrated. Also, the video he shared that showed real fascia being released was very interesting.”

Lisa, our Brookfield massage therapist, said she learned something new:

“Today I learned that myofascial work and Thai massage are better for fibromyalgia than Swedish massage.”

Corey, our Bayshore massage therapist, said:

I will definitely incorporate the myofascial release focus more into massages for deep tissue warm up. I feel much more comfortable with myofascial after this class.

Angel, our Mequon massage therapist, explained that Jeff gave good feedback and provided ways to track the client’s progress.


“Jeff has a great understanding of the subject and provided very specific information for our field. We were even provided with a client’s questionnaire to help us measure the progress of our treatment.”



Do you suffer from fibromyalgia?  If so, massage therapy may help you.

Call today to learn more about massage as a fibromyalgia cure.

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