Sap Moss™ Weightless Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner reinvigorate dry, lifeless hair with silicone-free, hydrating formulas and an ingredient blend containing Iceland moss, larch tree sap extract and coconut oil.


Sap Moss™ Weightless Hydration Shampoo features smart drone conditioning technology to achieve optimal hydration and perfectly quenched hair for guests who struggle with dryness.

• Weightlessly hydrates the hair, helping to leave it shiny and manageable
• When used with the conditioner, increases hair hydration by 81%*
• Tames frizz
• Safe for color-treated hair
• Infuses hair with earthy, 100% naturally derived** aroma, featuring jasmine and certified organic olibanum, cypress and clary sage oil

Hydrating the hair is the process of using humectants, emollients, proteins and amino acids to penetrate the strands and improve nutrient absorption. Aveda uses a blend of kukui nut oil and coconut oil for the hydration process.

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