Salon Today Top 200

Much like an Academy Award to an Actor, a Salon Today Top 200 nomination to a salon is a prestigious award that celebrates handwork, sustainability and vision.

No other industry competition examines, evaluates and shares what it takes to be a successful salon/spa leader quite like the Salon Today 200.

Salon Today Top 200 Cover


Over the past 19 years, the Salon Today 200 has recognized and celebrated the best and brightest salons across the United States. Winners are chosen based on growth statistics, commitment to education and support of employee benefits.

A salon that has the privilege of holding the Salon Today 200 name has exceeded in many of these categories.

We’re privileged to be among the top honorees in 2016’s Salo Today Top 200.

Neroli Salon & Spa was honored in the following categories.

Salon Culture

Salon Culture is that invisible, yet tangible, energy that distinguishes the salon or spa, binds its team, and attracts clients. A winner in this category clearly defines their vision and mission, while consistently creating concrete activities and traditions that drive the culture.

Retail and Merchandising

Retail sales are a sure path to higher profits, but they require the total buy-in and support from the entire salon and spa team. A winner in this category specializes in motivating their teams to success through product education and creative contests, while they attract the attention of clients through innovative promotions and eye-catching displays.

Employee Education

At the best salons, education is a career-long process—from streamlined training programs designed to get associates on the floor with talent, confidence and business skills to advanced education programs that keep stylists of all ages creatively stimulated and growing.

Compensation and Benefits

While it’s your team’s job to take care of your clientele, it’s your responsibility to take care of your team. A winner in this category designs rewarding career paths for each employee while assembling creative compensation packages that lure and retain top talent.

Inventory Control

Inventory Control is a balancing act. Run too low on product and you miss valuable sales, carry too much and you’re tying up money that could better be used elsewhere. The strongest salons master take tight control, while always creatively seeking new avenues for retail sales.


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