Pretty & Pink Makeup Tutorial

Dare we say it, but Fall is just around the corner. So, while you bask in the last month of summer, Neroli Salon & Spa Esthetician, Violet, is here to show you how to effortlessly transition your makeup routine from bronzed & glowing, to subtly smokey & beautifully bold. She used Aveda’s Fall/Winter Limited Edition collection Foklor.


Tools Used:
-Fluffy Makeup Brush
-Blending Eyeshadow Brush
-Fluffy Eyeshadow Brush
-Eyeliner Brush

Makeup Used:
-Light Pink Shadow
-Dark Purple Shadow
-Gold Eyeliner
-Aveda Eyeshadow Transformer
-Medium Rose Lipstick
-Medium Pink Lipgloss
-Loose Powder

Step 1: If you are doing your eye makeup after you have already perfected your complexion, lay a light layer of Aveda Translucent powder underneath your eyes. This will catch any fallout from shadows during the blending process.

Step 2: Prime your eyelids as well as underneath your lower lash line with Aveda Eyeshadow Transformer using your finger to do so. Transformer will give the shadows more pigment and also help them to last longer.


Step 3:  Pack Rose Quartz single eyeshadow onto your lid using a medium shader brush. Start near the lash line and blend upwards toward the crease for a soft, seamless look.
Step 4:  Using a clean blending brush, blend the outer edges of the shadow so there are no harsh lines. The key to a put together eyeshadow look is blending, so use a brush with no product on it to perfect what is already on the eyes, rather than add more to it.
Step 5:  Sweep a light amount of Chia single eyeshadow with a blending brush onto the outer corner of the eyes and crease area. Using a darker shadow here will further define your eye shape, giving the eyes more dimension.


Step 6: Mix both Chia and Rose Quartz eyeshadow to define the lower lash line with a shader brush. Don’t worry about being super precise or accurate here. If it looks too harsh, you can always go back in with your blending brush and soften things up.
Step 7:  Gently flick off the excess translucent powder and fallout from underneath your eyes with a powder brush.


Step 8: Highlight the inner corner of your eyes and the arch of your brow with the Eye Definer in the shade Gypsum Gold. Gold will make the eyes pop and enhance your brow shape.



Step 9: For eyeliner, mix Chia eyeshadow with the eyeshadow transformer using an angled brush. To get the perfect wing shape for your eyes, use your bottom lash line as a guide to the angle the wing should take. Imagine your bottom lash line keeps extending at the angle it’s at, and draw your wing along that. Use small strokes to have more control over your brush.


Step 10: Apply a layer of Mosscara to tie the eye look together.

Pro Tip: If you want to add more than one layer, wait for the first layer to dry, take a clean mascara wand and comb out your lashes, and then go in with another layer.


Step 11: Line the lips with Lip Definer in the colorless shade. This will keep the lip color from feathering. Apply Nourish-Mint lip color in the shade Sheer Primrose and Nourish-Mint gloss in the shade Pink Lupine over top for a perfect nude lip. Adding the gloss to the center of the lips will give them an extra plump look.



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