The Perfect Simple & Sweet Updo

December is officially here which means holiday parties and celebrations are in full-swing. This loose bun is the perfect mix of sweet curls and polished holiday updo. The best part? The dirtier your hair the better. This look is all about volume and texture, plus it works on almost any hair length and thickness.

We asked Neroli Salon & Spa Hair Designer, Michelle for her take on the perfect Holiday Updo and this is what she came up with…

Prep: Dirty or day-old hair is a plus, but if you’re working with clean hair, just make sure to add product. Below are the three I used for this tutorial. A medium hold hair spray, dry shampoo and a texturizing paste. You’ll need a lot of bobby pins and a few hair ties as well.

Step 1: Updo 101…they always work best with some added texture. I used a one inch iron to prep my hair then added a texturizing paste, dry shampoo and medium hold hairspray for workability.

Step 2: section hair into 4 sections.

Step 3: Make pony tail with your bottom section and back comb for volume.

Step 4: Make a bun out of your low pony tail and pin it to your head.

Step 5: Take top section down, criss cross right and left over and secure at the top of the bun

Step 6: Take your two front sections and start to criss cross them one at a time round your bun left to right and pin into place.

Step 7: Take the left side of the front section and wrap it across the bun finishing on the right

Step 8: tuck all extra hair falling down underneath the bun and curl the remaining front pieces.

Step 9: No holiday look is complete without red lips. Happy holidays!

This blog was written by Neroli Salon & Spa Mequon Hair Designer, Michelle. To schedule a hair service with Michelle, call 414.227.2888.

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