I love being of service to my guests and seeing the change through better function, relaxation, energy shift, or beautification of nail services.

When I’m not in the treatment room you can find me hiking and biking with my son and dog. Reading, cooking, and endless home projects are a few!

“We don’t have to evolve through suffering we can evolve through observation and love. Get grace in your space! Create a love base!” — Shaman Durek

Massage Specialties: Focusing on you as an individual, relaxation, pain relief, reflexology, Reiki/Chakra, hot stone massage, hydrotherm massage

Nail Specialties: total nail and skin health, minimalistic nail art (lines, dots, glitter fade, negative space, chevron)

Advanced Education: 200 hour reflexology certification, reiki level 3, native american energy healing, bamboo massage, Integrated manual therapy & orthopedic massage (James Waslaski), intro to Thai massage, deep tissue, trigger point, Precision NueroMuscular Therapy, hydrotherm massage, hot stone massage, cupping massage, OPI gel polish, barbacide certification (disinfection/sanitation)

Experience: 19+ years massage, 18+ years reflexology, 12+ years nails

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