NYE Party Prep Guide

Celebrate the new year in style! Here’s our go-to services and products that will make getting ready a snap.


You know that feeling when you leave the salon with every hair where it’s supposed to be and as you’re walking down the street everyone is wondering “how’d she get that hair?”

Wash, Blow, Style, Go

Your best accessory is your hair, and we know that. Our Hair Designers will start your blowout service with a customized Aveda shampoo and conditioning service, followed by a hot towel, Aveda prep product application, blow dry and conclude with an Aveda finishing product.


Want fuller, longer lashes this holiday season? Our lash extensions are soft and supple with a beautiful glossy shine; a comfortable option while also providing volume and length. Waking up every morning with a full and fluffy lash line is hard not to love.

Each individual natural lash eyelash extensions are applied directly to your individual lash, so they look and feel natural.

We are now going to be using Lash Addict for our extensions. It requires less glue, while still using the same minx natural eye lash look that everyone loves.

These volume lashes create more volume than our original lash extensions, as 2-4 lashes will be adhered to each lash. This is great, as it speeds up the process of reaching your desired length and fullness. Typically this amount of fullness would be achieved after a few lash extension appointments, but can now happen in one visit.

The lashes are also lighter so they create more volume without adding weight.

Our NEW volume lash extension services have the option of a “Classic” or “Volume” lash look. The classic being more of a natural look, and the volume while still being natural, will have a more dramatic feel.


Want a little extra kick to make your makeup shine? Define your features a little more dramatically for your night out.

Experience the most exciting and innovative method of applying a long-lasting foundation. Fine pixels of foundation are evenly sprayed through an airbrush onto the skin, creating a crisp, clean and even finish. Finally, a long-wear foundation, perfect for life’s special moments, is applied to the skin. Airbrush makeup is designed for all-day wear and a flawless appearance.

Through our makeup services, you will discover that Aveda makeup products care for your skin, enhance your natural beauty, and are talc, mineral oil and paraben free. Aveda makeup products are infused with only the purest ingredients, such as essential oils, tourmaline, mica and lavender. More information about Aveda makeup can be found at Aveda.com.


Did you know that some of your favorite Aveda products also come in mini sizes? Perfect to fit in your clutch and take on-the-go.

Top 5 Aveda (Mini) Products For A Night Out

  • Air Control: fights frizz like a boss
  • Wild Fuchsia Nourish-Mint Lipstick: plumps and softens lips, & stays on even while sipping cocktails
  • Dual Foundation Powder: keeps your face shine free, in all the right spots
  • Peppymint Breath Refresher: this “liquid mint” will make your breath feel fresh in a snap
  • Shampure Body Mist: love the smell of Aveda? try our NEW body mist, in the cute mini bottle that’s is in a break-proof bottle that fits right in your purse



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