NYFW 2016 with Neroli

NYFW trends? Floral, metallic, pleats, and lace.

It’s a new year, which means new trends. Where better to see the hottest looks in clothes and beauty than New York Fashion Week (aka NYFW).

Each year at Neroli Salon & Spa we select a team member to attend New York Fashion Week. Staying up-to-date on the latest in fashion, makeup, and hair trends keeps us creative and inspired to make our guests feel stylish and chic. Attending NYFW is an honor and privilege for our team. This year we sent Brookfield Hair Designers Kendal and Alli–who is also Makeup Artist.

The artists making the magic happen.

By now, you could call Alli a NYFW pro. She has been working behind the scene for a few years, but fashion week still keeps her on her toes. Some of the shows Alli will be working on are Hellessey, Ohlin, and Leanne Marshall. This is Kendal’s first year at NYFW, although she has been a Hair Designer for years. She will definitely have an awesome adventure. Fashion Week is anything but repetitive or bland; from applying makeup in a dimly lit basement to bumping shoulder with star studded celebs.

Dez and Josef are definitely not strangers to NYFW, either. East side hair designer Dez has been in the industry for many years. She brings a strong level of creativity and fun to her guests experience at the salon, and she will certainly have a lot of inspiration to bring back from fashion week. Josef has also been a hair designer for quite awhile. Although he works in the salon 3 days a week, a big part of his time in the industry is spent on photo shoots, editorial work, and education.


Check back throughout the week for updates and a behind the scenes look into New York Fashion Week.

Wish you were there? Click the link to watch the shows LIVE from New York City.


Locked and loaded {with curling irons}

Curious to see what tools the pros are using on their models? Here is a sneak peek at what Kendal brought with her to NYFW.


the essentials…

NYFW 2016

above: flat iron, curling wand, curling irons, blowdryer

below: teasing brush, Aveda paddle brush, boar bristle brush, assorted round brushes

NYFW 2016


and a few extras…

NYFW 2016

above: tail combs, wide tooth combs, duck bill clips, elastic cord (used for updos)

below: diffuser, bobby pins, electrical cord, spray bottle

NYFW 2016


Inside look at NYFW with Dez and Josef

Nike Kids Rock: Dez: A fun high energy show that is a place to be seen for not only designers but celebs as well.  Former Brewers,  Prince Fielder and CC Sebathia both had kids in the show.  Also, an up and coming entrepreneur showed us that kids who have amazing minds can have great style too.

Novis: Dez: This show combined geometry and a strong mod color palettes with easy tousled hair. Looking polished but easy.  I personally really loved everything about this collection, up too and including the shoes!  Pony tales are classic, easy and can hardly be done wrong.  Their simplicity makes room for the beautiful looks without competing for the spotlight.

Josef: 70’s inspired trends with with lots of yellow bold and block accents. Modern take on women’s pants outfits with layers of silk blouses under beauitful sweater tops.

Fashion Hong Kong:  Dez: The beautiful garments had much more romance and femininity than I was expecting but it certainly wasn’t a bad thing. We worked the hair into different looks for all 3 designers.  Each with a mood all its own.  First a look of soft/strong where exactly 1/2 of the hair looked as if that side had just emerged from the pool, while the other side was softly smoothed, airy, and billowy straight that flowed. This echoed the movement of the looks while the hard side was complimented by paper sculptures of butterflies beautifully placed in the hair. The second look was very romantic and almost of an Art Deco era. The feathery and glittery clothes took center stage. The third look was men in a casual yet dapper look; complimented by tousled hair.

Josef: This show was great for mens and women’s fashion. The men’s color is black with a burgandy color accent, jackets with “tails,” classic hats with modern touches, and men wearing dress pants with casual tennis shoes blending the style of formal and casual with an effortless feel of “cool.”The women’s clothes patterns that do not match wearing floral bottoms with pokadots tops. color pallets that are blues and greens and purple or white accents.

Ohlin/D: Dez: Easy textures with random inconsistent waves to create that “morning after not daring to be overdone” hair.

Josef: My favorite: wearing “creeper” shoes with sock’s and knee length dresses, long lean silhouette, color pallets of muted tones of yellow, blue, lavender and yellowish with a modern 70’s influence, and mixing warm and cool color pallets.

Francesca Libatore: Dez: These beautifully elegant and somewhat architectural looks were paired with an interesting texture of wet, downright messy waves. Mystifyingly romantic effect of a woman who cares more about how she feels in her clothes than how she looks. While the hair doesn’t speak directly to a commercial look, it’s clear that imperfect textures and easy hair is here to stay and can be paired with the most beautiful clothing for a modern look.

Josef: Skin color lace tones with black lines and block patterns; very feminine and girly silhouettes. Mixed with a very grunge wet looking hair style. Dresses that fit the female form like a glove with a level of sophistication that any modern women would want to wear.

Leanne Marshall: Dez: This girl sings to my I wish I was still 7 years old playing dress up in my moms old bridesmaid dresses but I’m really 30 and want to look fresh and strong. Her clothes are dynamic and romantic. Dresses that move and float away from the body, but definitely don’t want to be restricted by emulating the same boring old gowns we’ve all seen a million times before. It was the exact same message from the pony tail. It said “please don’t make me boring.”

Josef: Color pallets of very muted tones. 70’s inspired golds and black dresses. Grey/lavender tone was her choice of more causal fabrics on very feminine shaped dresses; whites and creamy dresses with textures. Dresses that move with ease and show off the female form. Lots of skin showing with a level of sophistication any women of all ages would wanna wear.


NYFW Q&A with Kendal

Q: What was your favorite show and why?

Kendal: That is so hard for me to pick! I really liked Marcel Ostertag, but I’m sure that was because it was my first show. Concept Korea
was cool because it was two designers in one show so it was longer and I loved the hair. I think if I had to pick I’d say Dion Lee, the location, the models, and the hair was a lot of fun to me. The prep was intense and high paced, a lot going on and crazy just like I thought NYFW would be. It was one of my last shows so I gave it my all and enjoyed every second of it.


Q: What were the top 3 trends you saw?

Kendal: As far as top three trends, I looked at a lot of the hair more so than the clothing. Hair trends were the same in every show I did: texture, beach waves, and an overall messy look. With the clothing I noticed the same texture in everything, and as far as colors: a lot of olive, burgundy/maroon, black and brown.


Q: Did anything inspire you that you plan to take back to the salon?

Kendal: I think what I’ll bring back to the salon is that I learned how to make hair dirty and texture even if the guest doesn’t have any of it in their hair.


Recap with Alli

Upon completing my 6th season doing makeup at New York Fashion Week with Aveda, I reflect back in this season. This was the first year that I met with designers prior to their shows to do a test of the makeup look. I ended up going on 6 tests and doing 8 shows- leading 5 of them. Needless to say, I was a busy girl! The shows I worked on were R13, Hellesey, Pas De Calais, Nike Kids Rock, Novis, O’2nd, Ohlin and Leanne Marshall. My favorite show was Novis. We had confusion on our start time and ended up starting an hour behind schedule- which allowed us two hours to get all the models ready. The look was a glossy peach eye lid with clean skin and a soft touch of color on the cheek. We had an amazingly talented team and were able to rock out the look, touch the girls up after they were dressed and the start the show on time. The trends I saw were a lot of peach times as well as pastels, mixing them together in fun ways. Glossy eyelids were very trending which can be difficult to wear but could be simplified and brought back into the salon by only applying the gloss to the brow bone to have better longevity in the makeup. Clean skin as always was still a major focus as well. I plan to talk more about proper skin care in the salon because that is where it all begins.




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