New York Fashion Week with Neroli

Every year at Neroli Salon & Spa we hand pick a team member to attend New York Fashion Week. Staying connected to the latest in industry hair trend, makeup and fashion is what keeps us at the top of our game. Attending NYFW is an honor and privilege for our team. This year we sent Brookfield Hair Designer and Makeup Artist, Alli.

Check back throughout the week for an inside too into New York Fashion Week

Click here to read about Alli’s behind the scenes experience at last year’s New York Fashion Week. 


Phew, after a 14 hour day of shows I am happy to finally be back at the hotel to write a blog!
It was a busy day of 3 shows:
A big makeup trend for Spring/Summer 2016 is colorful eyeliner and color blocking-eyeliner is placed from the iris of the eye outward on either only the top or the bottom in a bold color. Sometimes the liner ends square and sometimes winged or triangular. Skin is glowing with a subtly flawless with a slight flush of color to the cheek and a nude lip. Hairstyles are super straight, sleek. Middle parts and chic ponytails or braids.


Today was the Skingraft show in the morning. Below is the breakdown if the look.
  • clean skin, no mascara, no color, just a dab of oil on the eyelid
  • on the hands we were placing gold leaf(yes real gold!!) on the hands by adhering it with control force hairspray
  • the hair was messy undone texture with a braid hidden in the middle of the head to hide bulk of hair so the hair fell looking more thin
Later we had a show Frankie B Hollywood and the look was for the models to look “tough”
  • clean skin, no brow, no mascara, black eyeliner on the waterline only and smudged to look “next day”
  • the hair was loose beachy messy waves using the Shampure Dry Shampoo



Today I worked the Fashion Shenzhen show with the Aveda team. There were three different designers and three different looks. One look featured a very streaky-line blue smoky eye, the other a color blocked upper and lower lash line red eyeliner. And lastly was the group I mainly worked in which was a fresh spring face with skinny black liner created with eye shadow only, a peach cheek and lip using a lip color that will launch in the spring Aveda collection. Some of the girls in this look also wore a red lip. I posted a picture collage on the Neroli IG of all the looks. The show was beautiful but did see some challenges, one model fell and another kept getting her dress stuck under her feet. They had amazing high heels embellished with flowers, lace and designs.
Later I attended Georgine Studio. The clothes were colorful and also showed color blocking with amazing detail. She also feature bits of furs through the looks. Hair was in a high, perfect bun, probably rolled with a piece and a Fashion color extension piece was rolled into every bun in colors coordinating to the outfits. Makeup was also very colorful on the eyes as well as fashion colors in the eyebrows. It was quite am experience to get to just attend a show I didn’t work.
We saw a few celebrities in the show that I didn’t know. Also saw Nigel Barker. Outside we watched as people arrived for the next show and saw Kylie Jenner, Rachel Zoe, Jennifer Hudson, Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade, and Solange Knowles.
I have been added to the show tonight for threeASFOUR at Chelsea Piers. Tomorrow I plan to see the Brooklyn Bridge and the World Trade Center Museum.


Last night was a late one but I’m excited to write about a really amazing day.
It was a gorgeous day in NYC so during the daytime I adventured to Central Park and soaked in some scenery then walked down 5th Ave and made my way back to the hotel to pick up my kit.
Our show was held at Pier 59 Studios at Chelsea Piers as were two other shows I worked on. The designer’s brand is called threeASFOUR. The clothes were gorgeous, one dress was made with Mica which is a shimmery stone that looks like “fools gold”. One dress even weighed 40 pounds!
The makeup for this look was just clean skin and then we applied a gel mask over the top which took about 20 minutes to dry and made the models’ skin tight and shiny like plastic. Vidal Sassoon team did the hair which was a half bun with a triangular section pointed at the back and the side of the hair were twisted and tucked underneath the hair falling down in back.
The models were not allowed to move their faces whatsoever once the masks were applied… Some models listened and some did not. In the line up as the show was starting we were pressing the masks back down by reactivating them with water and sponges so they looked perfect on the runway. It all came together beautifully but it was a crazy process!
After the show the team all went to enjoy some snacks and unwind from the day. This was my last show for this season but I do have a special project I will be working on tomorrow that I cannot wait to share!! Stay tuned!

A few days ago I took some time on my day free of working to tour around the World Trade Center Area. A guest of mine at the salon had told me about St. Paul’s Chapel which is right across the street from ground zero. In the devastation that was caused on 9/11 the chapel was unharmed.

People gathered there during the time it happened and for long after. People who were missing loved ones gathered there to pray and hope. Beds were put in the chapel to help take care of people who were injured and give rest to the workers trying to save and find people in the wreckage.

The chapel is still a beautiful fully functioning chapel and people tour it now, lighting candles in memory and writing messages to leave on an altar. To see how large of an area was blasted apart by this awful event but then to see this unharmed chapel still there is just amazing. So many people had to come together in that time to help each other. The surrounding area still has so much construction but is wonderful to see how the event is being remembered and also rising above what happened here. I also went to the top of One World Trade Center. The videos they showed of the workers talking about building it, creating it and symbolizing our freedom will stay with me forever.

In many aspects of life teamwork is what it’s all about. Seeing how people had to come together especially in the chapel during this catastrophic time really made me appreciate the willingness of people to help each other and want to bring that into my life more. Working together in our salon space and sharing knowledge and experience in education with a kind heart to help others grow. Please look through my attached photos at the images I took throughout my time there and if you go to New York, absolutely go and experience the entire area-with a box of tissues.

Click through the slideshow to see EXCLUSIVE behind the scenes photos from #NYFW

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