New #AvedaColor Is Here…


New Year. New Hair.

Aveda‘s NEW Demi+ hair color is made for 1st timers who want to ease into the world of #AvedaColor or for those who want want to add extra shine and tone to their existing color.

Our team spent 3 days learning all of the in’s & out’s of this new hair color system to ensure you always have perfect hair days.

Here’s what Aveda hair color professionals are saying…

“We’ve also increased the range of tonal intensity by using the tones on their own. It also improves the condition of damaged hair while delivering radiant color and shine, and shades are expertly calibrated and formulated for predictable color results every time.”

“It’s going to be the go-to for clients who want to start dabbling in hair color.”

“It’s a minimal commitment with 40 washes (about eight weeks), and it’s an alternative option to 100 percent opaque color,” she says. “And for gray blending, it gives lots of shimmer.”

It’s just beautiful—like no other demi or semi I’ve seen when it comes to coverage and shine. The tone and level are so rich without making the color look lighter or darker. And with this client, I’ve found she’s back in eight weeks to touch-up regrowth before the color fades.”


• A conditioning blend of certified organic plant oils, kukui, sunflower, castor and jojoba, helps improve the condition of damaged hair and provide radiant shine.

• Green tea extract helps create a broader spectrum of color by acting as a naturally-derived color modifier to enhance the shade range, helping provide the ultimate colorist’s palette.

• Butylene glycol, derived from sugarcane, helps create a gel base formula that has a smooth consistency for easy application.

• Demi+ colors your hair without the use of ammonia.

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