Neroli Wellness Challenge: Winners Announced!

At Neroli, we believe that inner beauty is just as important as what shines on the outside. In fact, we think they go hand-in-hand: the better you treat yourself internally, the more you glow externally.

We wanted to jump start the new year on a healthy note, so we asked our team to participate in a wellness challenge. For this challenge, we asked our team to track their steps (either on their smart phone or watch) and record their weight goals in the app called My Fitness Pal. Boy oh boy, were the results ever impressive.

Rob, Downtown Massage Therapist,
lost over 60 pounds.

Rob, our Downtown Massage Therapist, lost the most weight in the challenge, and has lost 60 lbs. since early October.

“I’m 29 right now,” Rob said, “and I told myself I wanted to hit a certain weight by the time I was 30 years old.”

So what did Rob do to lose the weight?

“I decreased my caloric intake to about 1,800 calories a day and I upped my protein intake. For example, I’ll eat around 600 calories in the morning, and for lunch, I eat a bunch of almonds. The protein and healthy fats keep me full until dinner. At dinner, I’ll eat veggies and chicken.”

Rob says he’d still like to lose around 30 lbs., and he’s on his way there. Impressive!

Elizabeth, Downtown Assistant Team Lead,
took 1.2 million steps.

Elizabeth, our Downtown Assistant Team Lead, took the most steps in the challenge, totaling around 1.2 million steps!

“I walk to work every day, which is about three miles,” Elizabeth says. “I try to walk every where, including my daily errands.”

Even when it’s below freezing in Wisconsin?

“Even in the winter months, I always walk,” says Elizabeth. “My mother gifted me YakTrax for Christmas, and they were a game-changer for the winter.”

Elizabeth is an active individual altogether–in fact, she just completed her tenth half-marathon this month! To celebrate, Elizabeth ate an entire pizza to herself. When you’re burning that many calories, why not indulge?

Rob and Elizabeth both won iPads for winning Neroli’s wellness challenge. Congratulations, Rob and Elizabeth! You inspire us all to be more well.

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