Welcome to the Neroli Uncut podcast! Hosted by…US. You’ll get the inside scoop on all of the behind the scenes action that happens in the beauty industry, as told by our team. We’ll feature local businesses, events, and everything awesome that MKE has to offer in and out of the salon & spa world.

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Ep 3: Ayurveda 101 with Eve

Do you know what Ayurveda is? In this week’s episode we’re breaking down the basics of this wholistic lifestyle with Neroli Bayshore Ayurvedic Wellness Coach and Esthetician, Eve. Find out what a Dosha is, hear how diet plays big role in Ayurveda, and why Eve thinks a tongue scraper is a must-have tool in your beauty routine.

Ep 2: Inside Scoop: Milwaukee Film Fest and Red Carpet Beauty with Cara Ogburn, Sepideh, and Elise

This week’s episode features Cara Ogburn from Milwaukee Film. She’s dishing the inside scoop on this year’s film festival. You’ll also hear from Neroli Esthetician, Elise and Neroli Hair Designer, Makeup and Lash Extension Artist, Sepideh. They’ll give you their go-to tips and tricks on red carpet beauty, and they’re favorite fall skin care tips.

Ep 1: Hair Color Mishaps and Fall Trends with Nik

This week you’ll hear from Neroli Downtown Hair Designer, Nik on how he came to be a stylist, his favorite fall trends, and his can’t live without Aveda product.