Neroli Moms Are Amazing

This Mother’s Day, we want to show our team how amazing they are. From juggling social media, attending virtual education and home schooling their kids, we are so proud of the hard work they are putting in during this time. 

We asked our Neroli moms to share some adorable photos about what they are doing with their kids lately. And as much as our moms love being with their kids right now, they cannot wait to get back to the salon and spend quality time you you! 

Madison | Downtown Hair Designer

As a mom, getting outside has been key for my family.  The days where home schooling, missed friends or boredom get the better of us we head out for a walk. We have explored lots of different parks and trails but often just enjoy walking around the neighborhood.
Our neighbors have been very creative with posters and signs in many windows, chalk messages or ultra long hop scotch courses on sidewalks and even a giant inflatable unicorn that mysteriously moves from yard to yard.  In a time that can be very isolating, it makes my family feel connected.

ShanaMarie | Brookfield Hair Designer

I love being a mom to my three girls! Sienna, Ivana and Mila teach me everyday what it means to embrace the simple things, what patience truly means and that love always wins. We love to do many things together! 
They are the girliest of girls and LOVE to get their hair/makeup done ! We love to do any activity outside together, biking, walks, bouncing on out trampoline and swimming are our favorites.
Each year we look forward to a trip to Florida and the cabin up north in summers. I feel blessed beyond measure to be a mom to these three. They fill my heart and world up each day with so much love. I’m so grateful.
Instagram: @Shan.HairLove24


Jessi | Downtown Esthetician

Hi! This is me and my kids and dog. We’ve spent this quarantine time together wearing soft, comfy clothes and lots of night cuddling on this big couch.
The end of the day is always our favorite for this reason. During the day we are mega-busy with school, work and outside time. I wouldn’t trade my crew for anything.

Kerry | North Shore Hair Designer

My daughter, Ruby made a makeup tutorial…. here is the final product. She has lots of tips and tricks!
Instagram: @HairKerr414

Penelope | Downtown Hair Designer

Being at home with Maxwell has been great during this time. We have been keeping busy with homeschooling everyday. Some days are harder to stay on track than others.

We’ve also been able to enjoy the nice weather. One day we went fishing, unfortunately didn’t catch anything but it was nice to be out of the house. We’ve be going on multiple bike rides almost everyday, weather dependent of course.

Although the days of social distancing can be long, I have been trying my best to keep busy as a mom with an active 6 year old, and enjoy all of the quality time we get to spend together

Instagram: @HairByPenelopeMke

Kristen | Downtown Esthetician 

We’ve used this time to stay active outside, painted some rooms, and enjoyed lots of creative meals together.   This has felt like the best vacation we could’ve taken.
Other than the homeschool part and the zoom log in numbers.  
Instagram: @BrowsByKristen

Ruth | Downtown Hair & Nail Designer

One of our main focuses while being home is still finding ways to connect with the textures of nature. I have 2 very tactile children and nothing calms them better than romping in sand, dirt, or even the bathtub! Connecting your children to the elements of nature keep them happy and healthy.

Chloe | Downtown Nail Designer

Chloe and her son, Zion’s enjoying the warmer weather and hanging outside! 
Instagram: @yuneknailz

Crystal | Mequon Hair Designer

Crystal and her kiddos have been enjoying the outdoors during this time! 

Instagram: @ShearAndLashEnvy


RaeLynn | Brookfield Hair Designer

This week we’re welcoming RaeLynn back from maternity leave! Congrats to her and her adorable family. 


Sophia | Mequon Massage Therapist

Sophia and her son are looking adorable rocking their matching outfits! 


These are just a small handful of the amazing moms that work at Neroli. Want to wish them a virtual Mother’s Day? You can find their professional Instagram pages by each mom’s section. We may enjoying a spa day just yet, but these moms cannot wait to treat you to a relaxing experience soon. 

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