Milwaukee Film Festival Partnership

We are thrilled to be sponsoring the festival for the tenth consecutive year. The film festival provides a wonderful mix of culture, art and entertainment over two weeks throughout the local Milwaukee area. The festivities kicks-off on Thursday, October 17th with the opening night film and event.

To see the full lineup of films the Milwaukee Film Festival programs available at all five Neroli locations, but we have the insiders scoop on two films we are sponsoring, ‘Afterlife’ and ‘Top End Wedding’. To purchase tickets online or see the film schedule click here.


TOP END WEDDING (2019, 103 min, Director: Wayne Blair)

Lauren and Ned are all set for their perfect wedding in Australia, except for one small problem—the bride’s mother is missing. When the couple take off on a road trip to find her, their journey leads them down a road of discovering much more, including familial bonds and Aborigonal roots. MFF alum director Wayne Blair (The Sapphires) returns with this comedy-of-errors wedding fiasco set against the sweeping backdrop of northern Australia.

“Blair’s direction demonstrates significant comedic flair – there are many laugh-out-loud moments…”
– Guardian
“Top End Wedding is uplifting, and offered me something I had not experienced before as a viewer in a mainstream theatre – the chance to see First Nations people, relationships, and culture presented from a position of strength and normality.”
– Junkee
“What pushes it from an entertaining and moderately enjoyable comedy into a must-see Australian classic is its excellent treatment of aboriginality.”
– Fiction Machine

AFTERLIFE  (Ages 14 and Up , 2019, 93 min, Director: Willem Bosch)

After her mother’s death, artistic Dutch teenager Sam takes care of her family. Well, until Sam is hit by a truck and dies herself. But then her afterlife agent reunites Sam with her mother. That’s quite nice, and heaven’s dinner parties are lovely, but does it really all have to be this way? This quirky delight somehow evokes both The Good Place and Beetlejuice—it balances a bright, colorful visual aesthetic with very dark humor, as only the Dutch can do.


To purchase tickets online or see the film schedule click here or visit

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