Meet Our Ayurveda Team

Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old “science of life,” aimed to prevent and heal disease or imbalances within the body. The foundation of Ayurveda resides in the belief that five master elements (space, air, fire, water and earth) comprise everything within and outside of our bodies and create three primary patterns known as doshas:

  • Vata movement and change in our body and mind (space, air)
  • Pitta regulates digestion and metabolism (fire, water)
  • Kapha protects the integrity and structure of our body and mind (water, earth)

Every individual has a unique quantity and quality of each Dosha and underlying elements. It is important to maintain their original state of balance as it is how the body stays healthy. Our Ayurveda Body Therapists are trained to find where any imbalances may exist for you and create a customized rejuvenation therapy treatment to bring balance back to the doshas.

Gretchen | Bayshore

Passionate about Ayurveda and skin care. It’s my mission to help my guests feel grounded, and renewed. I love helping people find their perfect balance, body, mind, and spirit.

“Life throws alot at us, come take a minute to breathe and replenish your soul.”







Eve | Bayshore

Ayurveda and holistic healing inspires me. I love making people feel their best from the inside out. When looking at a guest’s skin, I’m not just looking at their skin, but their whole body, eating habits, stress and lifestyle.

Specialties: Acne Facials; Anti-Aging Facials; Airbrushed Makeup; Shirodhara; Abhyanga

Eve was selected as a Spotlight at Neroli Salon & Spa.

Miranda | Mequon

I love encouraging guests to try a new bold lip or eye color and going outside the box. Technical style between classic and trendy.

Specialties: Special Occassion Makeup; Relaxing Facials; Abhyanga

 Angela | Brookfield

My favorite part of my job is utilizing Ayurvedic practices to help my guests feel beautiful from the inside out while balancing their body, mind, and spirit. From abhyanga to eyelash extension application, I enjoy incorporating love and energy when I perform all types of services.

Ayurveda services are available at Neroli’s Brookfield, Bayshore and Mequon locations.

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