Makeup In 5 Minutes

Wake up the kids, feed the animals, pack lunches, wake up the kids again, start the coffee, get kids dressed, make breakfast, organize backpacks, try and squeeze in a quick shower for yourself, chauffeur the kids to school….
Does your morning routine sound something like this? Life is busy, we get it. Especially during the upcoming back to school rush.

As a lot of us at Neroli are busy moms ourselves, we know how crazy a household can be during that morning rush. As much as you want to head out the door looking your best every morning, you probably don’t always have a lot of time to spend on yourself.

We asked our talented Neroli makeup artists a few tips and tricks that they offer their clients (and use on themselves!) for quick 5-minute makeup solutions before heading out the door and here’s what they said:

makeupblog2 makeup-blog

“Adding a soft highlight under the brow bone and in the inner corners + mascara= eyes that sparkle and look more awake. Perfect for a mom in a hurry.” – Maggie

“Defining brow, lashes and lips allows an instantly framed face.” – Alli


“Sunscreen, concealer, and mascara set the tone for a day on the run.” – Kristen

“A little blush and a coat of mascara goes a long way! Takes you from “washed out” to fresh faced. As a mom of three- those are my two essentials!” – Jessi

“Aveda’s moisture+tint is so light it blends lickety split! It also has your sunscreen covered! I like to pick the perfect red for my lips, I can double to use as a creme blush (such as Poppy) then fill in my brows as well as define my eyes with Cacao. (Yes, I have learned a thing or two multitasking )” – Heidi



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