Living Aveda’s Mission in Nepal

By Sue Trondson, VP Comp Sales & Field Education North America Aveda Corporation

Our mission at AVEDA is “to care for the world we live in.” What we have experienced on this journey has been the beautiful people of Nepal caring for us. As we entered the Kupan Stupa we were greeted by this message from the Dalai Lama sharing his vision on the meaning of life.

dali lama


How lucky are we to be working in an industry dedicated to serving others?

On Saturday we spent the day understanding the process and impact we are having working with ANSAB and the communities of Nepal. Paper making has become a catalyst for economic growth empowering locals and teaching sustainable agriculture. Each manager took us through the steps in the process and you could see their pride as our translator shared each message. We experienced the harvesting of Lokta bark from the community forest, to the processing area where the paper is made.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 4.22.55 PM

Another team then dyes the paper which dries in the sun among free range chickens and goats. You can see how delicate the process is and how everything can come to a halt during the rainy season. From there, the paper is packaged and stored for transfer to Minneapolis. Although I have always been aware of the impact AVEDA holiday boxes make, to see it first hand evokes a deep pride for the work we do collectively at AVEDA. To be on this journey with my new friends who encompass the entire AVEDA Eco system; a guest, a service provider, a salon and institute owner and our suppliers is the trip of a lifetime!

As they say in Nepal… “Dahn yavata” (thank you)
A moment of gratitude before our departure
A moment of gratitude before departing Pokhara, Nepal

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