Let’s Define “Therapeutic Massage”

When we imagined our first menu of services twenty-six years ago, we wanted to think of a way to differentiate between Elemental Massage (a soothing, lighter touch massage) and a massage that would “work out the kinks.”

Back then, Sports Massage was big, but we didn’t think that the term was generic enough. People might think, I’m not an athlete, I better choose Elemental Nature. So, we decided on Deep Tissue Massage.

Over the years, we’ve learned that Deep Tissue hasn’t adequately described the service. Often, people think “deep tissue” means that the massage therapist is going to really dig into muscle tissue until that knot gets out— the NO PAIN, NO GAIN approach. What we’ve learned is that digging so deep is unhealthy for tissue. There are far better, less invasive and more long-lasting ways to get those sore, stubborn muscles to feel better.

After careful consultation with leaders in the field of massage therapy, we’ve decided to rename the service to Therapeutic Massage. This is the massage to get when you need more focus on specific areas that are causing you sleepless nights, headaches, an inability to do your sport or, if you’re feeling like you want something more than a relaxation massage (i.e., our Elemental Nature Massage).

Our massage therapists are highly trained individuals who will utilize a combination of modalities to aid in softening tight tissue and breaking up adhesions in a healthy and safe manner. Some examples of the techniques they may use are cupping, skin-rolling (a myofascial release technique) and joint mobility movements.

Massage therapy is not a one-size fits all service. We have several therapists, all of which specialize in different techniques. Visit our website and read our team members’ biographies to see which therapist fits your needs best. 

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