How To: The Everyday Brow

If you’re anything like me, keeping your brows on point between waxing appointments can be challenging. Here’s a few steps on keeping your brows full and shapely without getting a ‘sharpie’ brow– because who wants that?

-Aveda Eye Definer (Cacao) | medium brown pencil
-Aveda Eye Color Trio (Gobi Sands) | medium brown matte shadow
-Aveda Inner Light Concealor | creamy concealor

-Aveda Lash & Brow Brush | spoolie & small angled brush
-Aveda Blush Brush | larger fluffy makeup brush
-Aveda Complexion Brush
-Optional: Tweezers

Step 1: Using a spoolie, brush brows down. Brushing the hair down allows you to get color onto the skin creating a softer look and more precise line.

Step 2: Using a pencil that is similar to your natural hair color, use gentle strokes to fill in the top brown line.


Step 3: Lining up your brush or pencil from the outer corner of your mouth to outer corner of nostril will show you how far your brow should extend.



Step 4: Brush hair up and using the same soft strokes fill in the lower brow line.

Step 5: Brush the spooled end of the brow lash brush on your pencil to get some pigment on it.

Step 6: Starting in the area that your brow is most sparse, start brushing in the color. Repeat on the other side.

Step 7: Once you’ve finished both brows, brush your entire brow into shape.


Step 8: Set the liner in place with the deepest shade of the Gobi Sands eye shadow trio. This will ensure longevity.

Now that youve created the shape you want to see In your brows, the extra hairs are all visible. Take a pair of angled tweezers and clean up the stray hair around your brow. Don’t get too close to the shape (leave that to your esthetician)

 PRO TIP: What do you do with all those little hairs you just tweezed. Use a fluffy makeup brush to gently dust away and fallen hairs.


Step 9: Refine and highlight the arch of the brow with a touch of concealer. I like Aveda’s Inner Light concealer in Balsa. It dries to a powder so it will blend into any shadow or eye makeup later.

This blog was written by Neroli Downtown Hair Designer and Makeup Artist, Sepideh. To schedule a hair, makeup, or lash extension service with Sepideh, call 414.227.2888.

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