Go From Gym to Glam in a Snap

These days, it seems like life is always  on-the-go. We’re women who seem to do-it-all, which often means bouncing around from one activity to the next. Neroli Hair Designer, Sydney, is a mom of two and a fitness aficionado who shares her go-to gym style that takes her right from spin class to happy hour.


Step 1. Apply tinted foundation for light natural coverage.
Step 2. Apply a base eye shadow from eyebrow to

eye lid


Step 3. Apply a natural looking eyeliner. I used a neutral brown.

Step 4. Define your eyebrows for a polished look (I used the same liner for brows and eyeliner).

Step 5. Apply mascara.

Step 6. Apply a natural lip gloss or nourishing lip treatment.


Step 1. Back comb crown area just a bit and smooth it down, leaving your hair in a natural part.

Step 2. Pull the sides back into a loose half pony tail.

Step 3. Make a hole above the ponytail holder and push the ponytail up and through the hole.  Then, tighten the ponytail a little bit.

Step 4. Separate the remaining hair in half by left side and right side.

Step 5. Twist the left side inward and Bobbi pin it.

Step 6. Twist the right side inward and Bobbi pin it underneath the first twist.

Step 7. If you have a bang, you can pull them out if you want as well or add a headband.


This blog was written by Neroli Salon & Spa Mequon Hair Designer, Sydney. To schedule a hair service with Sydney, call 414.227.2888.

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