Expectation vs Reality

Blog written by Brookfield Hair Designer, Alanna.

Let me guess, you found a gorgeous sun kissed balayage on Instagram with beachy textured waves. Or you scrolled over numerous photos of jaw dropping women with pastel pink hair. Beauty is exciting and beauty is everywhere. That’s why when all of our lovely hair guests want an exact replica of what they see, I totally understand!

I’m writing this not to bring anyone down or hurt anyone’s feelings, I’m writing this solely to inform. We are hair designers, not copy machines. I’ll tell you now that you won’t leaving looking exactly like the picture you brought in from Instagram or Pinterest. What we are capable of doing is creating what piece you truly desire from each photo, whether it be the lovely layered cut to the breath taking baby lights for summer! We are able to take the pieces you love and what are possible for your head of hair to design the beautiful look you want and need!

So for example many people think going from dark to light can happen with the snap of your fingers. Even if you have virgin hair, that is quite the contrary. Going from light to dark is an extensive process that takes time. We want you to be happy but we also need to ensure your hair is in a healthy state each appointment. For most, there are many appointments needed to get to that desired white platinum hair goal! And at home maintenance to protect your color and your hairs integrity is an absolute must. But trust us when we say your goal will come in time and with the proper care, you’re in amazing hands!

This isn’t to say to lose hope in getting to your goal, this is just to set the tone of reality. We love making people feel good inside and out. So keep bringing those photos that make you happy and excited, we want to help you reach that! Everyone’s head of hair is different and looks good with certain styles and colors.

As artists and nurturers, we are going to make you look and feel beautiful even if you don’t leave looking exactly like the inspiration photo! Trust us throughout the process, we will help you reach goals possible for each and everyone of you, and you will always leave filled with bliss!

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