Dry or Damaged: Find Your Hair Type

Dry or damaged hair are the most common hair care concerns. Using the correct products for your hair is key to getting the maximum benefits for healthy, strong locks!

I’m going to walk you through how you can find out what your hair needs and the products that can give your hair a boost of moisture, hydration or protein.

Is My Hair Dry or Damaged?

It’s a fine line and sometimes can require an in depth consultation

Dry and damaged can go hand in hand, but their treatments are different. 

Here’s how to test your hair:

  • Step 1: Pluck one wet strand from your head.
  • Step 2: Gently pull on either end of the strand.
  • Healthy: If the strand stretches by 1/3 before returning, it’s healthy.
  • Damaged: If the strand doesn’t stretch (or only stretches a small amount), then your hair needs protein.
  • Dry: If the strand stretches but doesn’t return, your hair is more dry than damaged.

What Does This Mean?

Team Dry

If you happen to be on team dry hair, your hair is asking for moisture and hydration. 

Silicone free oils will be your best friend, when you’re using it in the correct amounts.

Team Damaged

For those who are on team damaged, whether it be from coloring, styling or the environment, you need to repair your hair — preferably with natural protein.

Dry or Damaged Hair: Common Facts

These are a few different things to note about dry or damaged hair.

  • Damaged hair is the #1 concern in 49% of guests.
  • 58% of millennials quote damage as being their primary concern .
  • Along with coloring, that and the environment are the most common reasons for damage.
  • Your hair type can change overtime, it’s always best to consult with your stylist for product options.
  • Aveda no longer manufactures any products formulated with paragons.
  • Aveda has been a pioneer in post-consumer recycled packaging.

Which Products Are Right For Me?

Here is a breakdown of which Aveda products are best for different hair concerns.

Sap Moss

  • Weightless moisture, boosting hydration by 81%
  • 94-98% naturally derived and silicone-free (mimics silicone with causing build-up)
  • Icelandic moss, larch tree sap extract, coconut and kicks nut oil
  • Natural jasmine, cypress and clary sage aromas


  • Customized with light and deep lines
  • 94% naturally derived
  • Silicone and sulfate-free and vegan
  • Superfood complex, omega-5 with pomegranate oil
  • Mange butter, coconut oil, algae and oat extract
  • Natural cocoa, ginger and cardamom aromas

Light Moisture

  • All textures
  • Instant hydration delivery
  • Creamy, lightweight shampoo

Dark Moisture

  • Medium to coarse texture
  • 50% more butters than the light moisture line

Nutriplenish Multi-Use Hair Oil

  • 100% naturally derived instant hydration and shine
  • Pomegranate, coconut, avocado, sunflower and argon oils

Dry Remedy Oil

  • Instantly moisturizes and heals brittle hair and increases results overtime 
  • Buriti oil from Brazil’s “Tree of Life” makes hair soft and manageable 
  • 90% naturally derived sunflower, olive and pomegranate oils

Damage Remedy

  • 5 products in entire line
  • Smart protein in quinoa to keep from giving you over proteinized hair, plus soy and macadamia nut oils
  • Bergamont, mandarin and ylang ylang aromas
  • 40% education in breakage after one use of Daily Hair Repair
  • Nangai oil attracts split ends in the Split End Repair

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