How To: Create An Easy Faux Hawk

If you were one of the 1.3 million people who saw Star Wars The Force Awakens, you can appreciate our new obsession: Rey. She’s fearless, a natural beauty and her brow game is strong. Neroli Hair Designer, Sepideh shared her twist on Rey’s Warrior Faux Hawk. 


Step 1: Take A section at the top if your head. Twist into bun and secure with hair 4 hair pins. Top, bottom, left and right.

Step 2: Section from middle of the ear diagonally to back center of head and twist into another bun. Secure the same as first.

 Step 3: Twist the remaining hair in the same fashion as the previous. If you have a lot if hair, or if its very long you can certainly do more than 3 sections.

 Step 4: When your buns are secure in place, start pulling the edges apart to create varied textures and shapes.

Step 5: Use bobby pins to secure any pieces that feel loose, or if you want a more polished look.

 Step 6: Hairspray to finish! I used Aveda’s Air Control.

This blog was written by Neroli Downtown Hair Designer and Makeup Artist, Sepideh. To schedule a updo, hair service or makeup application service with Sepideh, call 414.227.2888.

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