Smells Like Aveda, Madison

Be Curly 101

Winter is gone but summer is upon us along with the Wisconsin humidity. For years, I have battled my curls, spending hours blow drying and straightening my hair, only to have it become frizzy and curly again after an hour … Continued

Smells Like Aveda

Feed Your Lips: NEW #AvedaMakeup

If you haven’t heard, big changes have happened for Aveda’s lip colors! A team of hair color specialist and makeup artists have joined in collaboration to help you pair your perfect lip with your hair color! The Feed My Lips … Continued

Smells Like Aveda


When you treat your thinning hair, you have one less concern, and with Aveda’s new Invati Advanced™ solutions for thinning hair, thicker, fuller hair is yours. Invati Advanced™ Solutions for Thinning Hair is an innovative system that reduces hair loss … Continued

Smells Like Aveda

What’s In Your Beauty Arsenal?

The five products I would die without: Outer Peace Foaming Cleanser Botanical Kinetics Soft Creme Shear Moon-Flower Nourish-mint Mineral Lip Color Smooth Infusions Nourishing Style Creme Air Control First of all I couldn’t imagine starting my day without Aveda’s Outer … Continued