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Introducing Our App…   Reserve Services Schedule your next reservation 24/7 with the ability to cancel within 24 hours in advance. Exclusive Offers Use our “Scratch Off” icon to receive limited-time offers to be redeemed in-store. Team Portfolios We know … Continued


City Guide: Summertime In Madison

Madison is a unique feat… You get all the benefits of a city without all the traffic. And with Wisconsin’s rolling fields of corn, driving into Madison is like you’re teleporting to a different place altogether. Neroli Salon & Brow … Continued


The Malta Experience: Island of Gozo

So much we learned the past couple days!! The importance of social media, the functions of a professional IG, building a REAL following, engagement, and networking to create collaborative projects. It was interesting to learn about the differences in fashion … Continued


The Malta Experience

Have you ever looked at the photos in a magazine in complete awe of the model’s hair and makeup? Sepideh, Downtown Hair Designer & Makeup Artist, is in Malta attending an editorial workshop on behalf of the company.  Here, she’ll not … Continued