Expectation vs Reality

Blog written by Brookfield Hair Designer, Alanna. Let me guess, you found a gorgeous sun kissed balayage on Instagram with beachy textured waves. Or you scrolled over numerous photos of jaw dropping women with pastel pink hair. Beauty is exciting … Continued


Spa at home with Aveda Singular Notes

Have you ever found yourself drowning in stress from a busy schedule, but when you seek tips for relieving it everything suggested takes even more time that you just do not have? Self-care doesn’t need to be stressful. Adding Aveda Essential Oils to … Continued


Be The Light: Sojourner Fashion Show

Be the Light returns for an evening of inspiration and hope where you’ll meet a series of survivors on their journeys to healing. About Sojourner Family Peace Center “Our primary goals are to ensure the safety of victims of family violence … Continued