Best Places to Work 2017


In late June, Neroli Salon & Spa received the news that it had won Best Places to Work in 2017 by the Milwaukee Business Journal.  Team members shared the news with pride, while Susan Haise, owner of the company, smiled with gratitude as she reflected on her 25 years of service in the beauty and wellness industry.

“It was a privilege to even be nominated as a best place to work,” Susan Haise says, “but to actually win in the extra-large category was an absolute honor.”

Small Feel with Extra Large Numbers

To qualify for the “extra-large” category, the company must have at least 200 employees. Back in 1994, when Susan started her business, the company had only 16 employees.

“It sounds surreal to say extra-large company. It still feels like my tiny salon.” Susan explains.

Indeed, Susan still treats her company as that tiny salon, making sure she has both a professional and personal connection with every team member. There is a culture of encouragement, one that welcomes those from the ground level to walk through the CEO’s door for guidance and growth.

“The goal is to create a culture where people love what they do and whom they do it with,” Susan says. By obtaining this goal, the company naturally obtains other goals–namely, to retain team members and also increase guest loyalty.  The leaders at Neroli appreciate the word individual.  That in order to be the best, leaders must value each person’s individual desires and needs in order to function optimally as a team.

Teamwork. Passion. Growth.

These are the three words that embody the company: teamwork, passion, and growth. To a large degree, this embodiment is the reason the company retains its devoted team. From those in technical services to the faces in corporate office, there are team members that have stuck around since the doors opened in 1994.

Team members, both old and new, spread the Neroli love on social media after winning the award.







Now What?

Now that her company is recognized, Susan explains the next step for Neroli Salon & Spa.

“To continue the next level of service offering, both for our guests and our team members,” Susan says.

Recently, an annual company survey was released to team members asking about their work and lifestyle. The leaders at Neroli, Susan included, ask the team members what the leaders can do to help make their lives better.

On top of that, Susan continues to educate her team by bringing in guests educator’s from all over the world to teach both classic and contemporary trends in the industry.  Whether its the newest lesson on Fibromyalgia massage, or a French hair-cutting method by Claude Marcel, the team has access to education in order to constantly refine their craft. In turn, guests are more satisfied with their services, because their service provider the highest knowledge and sophistication in the industry.

In other words, Neroli Salon & Spa only gets better from here.



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