We created Neroli “Beauty Workshops” as a way to bring beauty and wellness tips, tricks and trends right to our guests. It’s the perfect opportunity to grab a friend or two and learn something new in a fun, group setting. Every month is a new topic and it will rotate among our five locations. Space is limited so please RSVP to 414.227.2888 or fill out the form below with which event you would like to attend.



Microblading Q&A | Downtown

Thursday, April 12th at 6pm

Have you heard about the new service we offer: microblading? It enhances your brows with a manual permanent makeup treatment that uses a hair stroke technique to resemble the look of natural brows. At this workshop, Neroli Brow Artist and Esthetician will answer all of your FAQ questions about brows and mircoblading and help you find your perfect brow shape.


Blowout Before You Go Out | Downtown

Thursday, May 17th at 7pm

All the tips & tricks you need to master an at-home blowout. Neroli Hair Designer, Tina will lead this popular workshop and help you find the perfect customized Aveda product combinations that’ll make styling your hair a snap. Learn how to use your blow dry like a pro and finish off your style with a curling iron or flat iron.


5-Minute Face | Bayshore

Thursday, June 14th at 7pm

We’re all about on-the-go, and we like to look good while we’re doing it. Neroli Esthetician, Melissa will share accessible skin care and makeup tips for busy women. You’ll learn quick & trendy makeup hacks to cut down your beauty routine to ensure you look fab in a snap.