What’s In Your Beauty Arsenal?

The five products I would die without:

  • Outer Peace Foaming Cleanser
  • Botanical Kinetics Soft Creme
  • Shear Moon-Flower Nourish-mint Mineral Lip Color
  • Smooth Infusions Nourishing Style Creme
  • Air Control

First of all I couldn’t imagine starting my day without Aveda’s Outer Peace Foaming Cleanser.  Unlike most acne wash cleansers Outer Peace has never dried out my somewhat sensitive skin.  I love that tight squeaky clean feel I get from this product.  For any skin car fanatics out there though we all know a day without moisturizer is a big No-No!  So, to follow up my cleansing routine I always apply Botanical Kinetics Soft Creme.  I appreciate that I can use this creme any time of year, it’s heavy enough for the dry Wisconsin winters yet light enough for our humid summers.  One of my favorite things about the Botanical Kinetics Soft Creme is the aroma; sandalwood, rose, geranium, and neroli (which in case you didn’t know is the essence of an orange).  It’s so refreshing first thing in the the morning.  Since I’ve been taking you through some skin care, I’ll take you to my next face product, Shear Moon-Flower Nourish-Mint Mineral Lip Color.  This lip color increases moisture by 26%! It leaves you r lips feeling softer than ever and has a natural earthy pink tone to obsess over.  Not to mention you can feel good about using it because here at Aveda we are 100% cruelty free!

Okay, enough talk about the face, let me share my secrets to tame the mane.  I am not going anywhere without Smooth Infusions Nourishing Style Creme,  whether I’m wearing my natural curls, beachy flat iron waves, or sleek blow out I HAVE to have this product in my hair.  For anyone with the slightest amount of frizz this product is a godsend!  My hair stays shiny and moisturized for days when I apply to my towel dried hair.  Now most days I do wear my hair with a flat iron wave which leads me to my final weapon, Aveda Air Control.  The amount of Air Control I purchase in one year is slightly embarrassing but I seriously use it three times a day.  The treasure this hair spray gives is perfect for the messy bedhead look we are all trying to achieve.  It has a super flexible hold but tousles your hair the perfect amount.  I do use this on my curly hair as well to achieve more fullness and give a little more oomf.  And who doesn’t want to smell like Aveda all day?! So there you have it, my full beauty arsenal, now you’ll be ready to take on the world, and look amazing while doing it.

Blog written by East Side Hair Designer & Makeup Artist, Kirstin. To schedule a service with Kirstin, call 414.227.2888 or reserve online.

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