Be Curly 101

Winter is gone but summer is upon us along with the Wisconsin humidity. For years, I have battled my curls, spending hours blow drying and straightening my hair, only to have it become frizzy and curly again after an hour or two. When I finally learned to work with my locks and let my curls win, my life became much easier. Not only do you save time by letting your hair curl, you save energy and water. In the state of our environment, cutting down on water waste and electricity use is very important.

The “Be Curly” products from Aveda are very effective and useful on all hair textures to achieve beautiful curls. The shampoos and conditioners are creamy and extremely moisturizing. Aloe and hydrolyzed wheat protein keep the hair strong, yet soft. The bergamot, lemon, lime, and orange aromatics make hair smell amazing all day. The shampoo defines wave, fights frizz, and boosts shine.

If your hair is course or dry, the “Be Curly” line offers a “co-wash” that is easier to rinse out then traditional shampoos and can be used daily without stripping the hair and scalps natural oils. This is a must-have in the summer as we all get a little more dirty and sweaty! Since “co-wash” is easier to rinse out of curly hair than traditional shampoos, you save water when using this product.

Using conditioner with curly hair is non-negotiable. If you want your hair to be frizz free you need to feed your curls that moisture!

Some people prefer heat styling over air drying curls but I like a combination of both.   A diffuser attachment for a blow dryer is an essential tool to achieve maximum ringlet bounce, definition, and body. Always prepare hair for heat styling with a proper heat protectant.

“Be Curly” Style Prep can be used generously throughout the mid shaft to ends to add protection and re-activate curls on non-shampoo days. “Be Curly” Curl Enhancer intensifies curl, and boost shine if your waves need an extra boost. “Be Curly” Curl Controller helps lengthen and even out super tight curls while controlling volume and combating frizz.

After these products are applied, attach diffuser to blow dryer and set the heat to high and the blast to low. Scrunch hair with diffuser pushing curls up from the ends to the scalp. Using the humidity to your advantage and letting your curls air dry is a great way to cut down on energy costs and electricity. Keep those beautiful, bouncy, defined curls in line all day by finishing with a spritz of “Be Curly” Curl Enhancing Hair Spray.

Curls are a beautiful gift. If you have them, embrace their beauty, and know that you are very lucky to have such wonderful hair.

Blog written by Neroli Madison Hair Designer, Ellie. To schedule a hair service with Ellie call 608.478.6147 or reserve online.


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