5-Minute Facelift

At-Home Facelift

Have you heard of NuFace?

It is an FDA approved microcurrent for the face that: stimulates & tones muscles of the face to approve it’s appearance by improving skin tone, wrinkle reduction, and facial contour.

What Are Microcurrents? 

Microcurrents started as a medical therapy for patients with atrophied facial muscles.

Basically, it’s two wands, negative and positive, and electrical current running between—exponentially less than could even power a light bulb. Put both wands on your face, and electrical current flows through the skin and facial muscle, causing not so much a contraction as a tightening.

Shamara Bondaroff, celebrity esthetician says this about microcurrent treatments: “You feel alive. There’s a brightness. The energy flow in your face—it’s better than caffeine. You look rested. There’s no such thing as anti-aging—you can’t stop it, so let’s just do it as gracefully as possible.”

Why You’ll Love NuFace

Also known as the “5 minute facial lift,” NuFace has been clinically tested.

Celebrities such as, Jennifer Aniston, Bobbi Brown, and Miranda Kerr, swear by it, as it’s one of their best kept anti-aging secrets!…And so do I. Although, I’m not a celebrity by any means, I do know a thing or two about my practice.

I have been in the industry 20 years, an am excited to share this awesome technology with you!
I have used the NuFace device myself for quite some time to be able to answer any questions you may have. The results ARE immediate! It’s a simple & quick treatment that can be added on to any service, even a makeup application, for that special event.

Get Lasting Results

Want the results to last?
  • Treat your NuFace like a “workout routine” just like the rest of your body, daily.
  • Use your NuFace for the correct amount of time: 5-20 minutes per day.
  • Using your NuFace daily will ensure you get long-lasting results with this non-surgical solution.

*Contraindications would include: Pregnancy, Epilepsy or Seizures, active Cancer, Pacemaker, or electronic implanted devices.

Blog Written by Downtown Esthetician, Heidi.


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