2016 Wellness Trends

We’re always on the hunt for what’s new and noteworthy in the fitness, spa, wellness and heath industry. Read on for our picks for 2016 wellness trends.

Drink it up

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We’ve said it again and again…beauty starts from within. Want great hair and glowing skin? Look for further than your diet. Consumers are increasingly making the connection between skin care and nutrition. Healthy skin starts from within. Turmeric, probiotics, zinc are just a few ingredients you’ll see making their way into superfood juices and supplements.


Meditation is a trend we’re predicting will be a mainstay in 2016. Once looked at as a solo activity, mediation is going social. Coworkers, significant others, friends, and everyone in between will gather and experience mediation together. Israel’s The Big Quiet, which has organized large meditation gatherings in Central Park and is now aiming to spread to multiple cities, is just one example of how meditating is becoming the new happy hour.

Oils Cleanse

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With more and more people starting to pay attention to what they put on their skin many individuals are taking to the power of plants and natural oils to do the cleaning work holistically. The science is simple…An oil cleanser effectively tackles the dirt and oil on your face—versus water-based cleansers that need surfactants to provide suds to get your skin clean. We’ve been on this trend for the past 20 plus years as our favorite Aveda oils to use are the beautifying oil and rose essential oil.


I’ll take a Matcha, please


Matcha (a Japanese green tea that’s in powder form and is whisked into hot water or milk) is becoming a trendy new staple in pretty much any coffee shop you go to–even our beloved Colectivo is brewing up this green beverage. Move over, Keurig, there’s a new drink in town.

Wellness on the go


Hotels have long been incorporating fitness studios into their amenities. In 2016, we’ll see a shift to more à la carte wellness options like SoulCycle. One rapidly growing luxury hotel brand just debuted an Integrated Wellness program, in partnership with Dr. Mehmet Oz, with high-tech diagnostic tests, personalized spa and fitness programs, and nutrition advice during your stay. Get ready to sweat.

Out with the cold


Cold pressed juice had its moment in 2015. 2016 is all about nut milks and their incredible heath benefits. More people are drinking nut and seed milks than ever before, thanks to all the exposure around dairy intolerance and the bad press surrounding soy. We’re already addicted to almond milk. Drink up!

Services Uber-Style


With the growth of uber more and more consumers have gotten accustomed to receiving receiving services on demand. At Neroli we’ve got you covered as we can travel to you for any of your beauty and wellness needs. To learn more visit our offsite service offerings visit our corporate services page.



source blog.spylight.com
source blog.spylight.com


You already know that more women are wearing Lycra on the reg instead of jeans. (Workout clothes constantly outpace denim, growing by at least 5% a year, to $68 billion, according to analysts at Barclays.) But in 2016, we expect athleisure (a combination of “athletic” and “leisure”) to become a super trend, stretching its street-style Spandex offerings into every corner of everyday life.

Our cultural obsession with wearing stylish leggings and tops that can go from brunch and errands to casual Friday was recently recognized by Merriam Webster, which recently admitted the term “athleisure” into the dictionary. Good thing Milwaukee has multiple Athleta and Lululemon locations to help all of us stay on trend.



The thing about wellness is that it’s a lifestyle. You just don’t go to a yoga class and then go to Burger King. You go to yoga and then you’re probably craving a plant-based meal. Same goes for when you go for a holistic treatment. Afterward, you probably want to hang out and meet like-minded people. At Neroli we are excited to share that in 2016 we will be putting together an entire program of wellness opportunities for you and your friends to experience. More details to come in the weeks to follow…. 


Source: Well+Good

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