Nail Art with Ashley Gregory

Nail Team Continues Education in Nail Art

Why Our Nails Are Different

How different can a manicure really get? It’s always finger-soaking, cuticle-cutting, and nail-painting, right?

Wrong. So wrong.  A good manicurist has the ability to make a service completely customizable.  In other words, a manicure service actually can differentiate as much as a hair or a massage service.

Although the art of a good manicure is often overlooked, the team at Neroli Salon & Spa make sure to take a closer look at what makes a simple spa service an extra unique experience.

A Lesson with Ashley Gregory

Ashley Gregory is one of the hottest names in the nail industry right now. You might know her through her blog, the The Nailscape, or the fact that she’s done dozens of celebrities nails. Ashley is from Chicago and is as down-to-earth as any Midwestern gal you’ve ever met.

Yesterday, Ashley came to The Institute of Beauty and Wellness to teach students, along with the nail team at Neroli Salon & Spa, to continue their education in nail art.

Above: Susan Haise and the team gather for photo during the educational.

“Ashley is so inspirational,” Susan Haise, owner of the school and the spa says. “She really got our nail team excited about nail art.”

Above: Ashley Gregory’s work

Nail Art is So Hot Right Now

Everywhere we look, we see nails with intricate detail. It’s the new big thing (especially amongst celebrities), and it’s hotter than ever at Neroli Salon & Spa as our team is fully equipped with the most advanced techniques.

Wanting some tiny leaves for the changing climate? Pretty pumpkins for Halloween? Whatever it is, we can do it. Book an appointment on our app or phone today.

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