Ayurveda Eating & Cooking

Interested in living a more holistic lifestyle? Part of our mission here at Neroli Salon & Spa is taking beauty and wellness to the next level for our guests. Check out our Wellness Workshops, here.

There you will learn traditional Ayurvedic approaches to an all natural, healthy lifestyle with our on-staff Ayurvedic Practitioner, Eve.

With so many different diets and eating fads this day in age it can be hard to know what foods are actually good and bad for you. In the “Ayurveda Eating & Cooking” class we will go back to basics with eating simply whole and clean foods. Find out how delicious Ayuyvedic eating can be!

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We will discuss (and eat!) yummy traditional Ayurvedic food and recipes. Discover what is actually the best way for you to eat according to your unique constitution, while still being easy to do and affordable!

Learn more about your constitution, Dosha, in my earlier blog post that you can find here.

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