Interested in living a more holistic lifestyle? Part of our mission here at Neroli Salon & Spa is taking beauty and wellness to the next level for our guests. We’ve tapped into the best and brightest of our talent to bring you Neroli Wellness Workshops.

Join us at our Bayshore location the third Thursday of every month at 7:30pm.

Learn traditional Ayurvedic approaches to an all natural, healthy lifestyle with our on-staff Ayurveda Body Therapist and Esthetician, Eve.

To reserve your spot call our Guest Services team at 414.227.2888 or complete the format below:


here’s a lot out there about how to live a healthier lifestyle. Discover what Ayurveda has said for thousands of years to live a more rhythmic and balanced life. From oil pulling, to yoga and self massage discover what the best lifestyle is for you to be your best self.


It’s almost impossible not to catch some sort of a flu bug during the winter months in Wisconsin. There’s good news, however! Ayurveda has tons of home remedies to cure and more importantly, prevent colds and flus from spreading to you and your family.  We’ll dive deeper into these remedies and preventative care in this workshop.


Meditation For Anxiety

December 7th

Struggle with anxiety? Neroli’s Ayurveda Practicioner, Eve, will guide you through meditation and teach you how you can put these practices into action everyday. Meditation helps by quieting the overactive mind. Regular practice will help you manage your anxiety.