Unveil the Bride

Traditionally, wedding veils are said to be used as symbolism for the groom accepting his bride, mainly due to the number of prearranged unions that occurred in earlier history. We have come a long way from arranged marriages in modern day weddings and this has given some change and versatility to the traditional wedding veil.  Many times cathedral veils are being replaced by shorter styles of visor and cage veils.  Today the goal of a wedding veil is to compliment and complete the look of the wedding gown.  Many brides even now lift their own veils, symbolizing an equality in the acceptance of marriage.  Take a look at a few of the modern day veils Neroli has posted on our Pinterest page:

To read more on the symbolism of wedding veils, visit http://www.perfect-wedding-day.com/bridal-veils-symbolism.html.

Visit Neroli’s Pinterest page for more veil ideas.

Written By: Stephanie

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