Top 10 Wellness and Spa Trends | 2013

Recently, SpaFinder Wellness revealed a preview of its 10th annual Trends Report, which forecasts top trends that will impact the spa and wellness industry and shape consumer experiences around the globe. As a leader in the beauty and wellness industry in Milwaukee, Neroli Salon & Spa encourages you to check out these top trends and learn how you can improve your health and well-being in 2013.

Healthy Hotels

In 2013 we’ll see an explosion of new hotel chains that promote healthy living. Hotels are changing to provide guests with everything they need to exercise, eat, work, and rest like they would at home. InterContinental Hotel Group recently launched EVEN (pictured here), a new brand of affordable hotels that allow travelers to maintain their healthy lifestyles.  In-room amenities include modern and natural décor, a luggage rack that doubles as a workout bench, a yoga mat and free weights, a circuit training guide, hypo-allergenic linens, and spa-inspired walk-in showers. Look for the first EVEN hotels opening in 2013.

The Mindfulness Massage

The “mindfulness massage” uses breath work and techniques such as body scanning (where attention is brought to every part of the body) to help guests relax more deeply and quickly. Neroli Salon & Spa offers the Chakra Balancing Massage, which focuses on the chakra energy centers in the body. This treatment promotes mindfulness as the therapist helps connect the mind and body through deep tissue, reflexology, and energy balancing techniques. We also recommend arriving at our spa 15-20 minutes early in order to fully prepare your body and mind for relaxation.

Authentic Ayurvedic

The Sanskrit term Ayurveda means “knowledge of life.” Ayurveda is an ancient science which aims at preventing and healing disease or imbalances within the body. The journey toward living in harmony is the journey we all take and the Ayurvedic Practitioner is the guide along the way. Ayurveda stresses the balance of three elemental energies, called “doshas.” Doshas are important because when they exist in equal quantities, the body will be healthy. Ayurvedic Practitioners are trained to find where these imbalances exist and recommend treatments to bring balance back to the doshas. Neroli Salon & Spa will soon be introducing Ayurvedic spa treatments as a form of holistic healing and relaxation for our guests.


Earthing is a fast-growing movement based upon the major discovery that connecting to the Earth’s natural energy is foundational for vibrant health. Studies have produced fascinating evidence demonstrating that a direct connection to the Earth’s ground energy generates a powerful and positive shift in the electrical state of the body and restores natural self-healing mechanisms. Even though practicing Earthing isn’t as easy in Wisconsin winter weather, take opportunities to connect with the earth when you can (on warm vacations, hikes, etc). Go barefoot outside for a half-hour and see what a difference it makes on your pain or stress level. Sit, stand, or walk on grass, sand, dirt, or concrete; these are all conductive surfaces from which your body can draw the Earth’s energy. In warmer weather, take advantage of the wonderful beaches and parks in Milwaukee County. People who practice Earthing on a regular basis say they sleep better, feel better, and have more energy during the day.


Humans have 30,000 genes and a 3 billion-letter DNA code. The power of genomic testing lies in the potential to pinpoint which diseases/issues could be forestalled by specific lifestyle changes. Telomeres are the only malleable part of DNA, which some studies are showing can be repaired by stress-reduction, exercise, sleep, healthy food, and meditation. Neroli Salon & Spa offers a wide variety of spa services that can help you reduce stress and live healthier.

Color Self-Expression

Look for “painted on” self expression in 2013. This quick and inexpensive way to transform your look includes bold hair color and makeup choices, such as reverse ombre and neon eyelashes. Expect to see body art as a form of self expression and the popularity of haute “Tattoo Spa’s” to rise. Look for nail art to transform into less bling, and more 3D textures and intricate designs. See a Neroli Aveda hair color specialist to learn about the different special effect possibilities for your new ‘do.

Inclusive Wellness

The spa is becoming a place for wellness and recovering and less about luxe pampering. Expect to see more “real bodies” at the spa. The industry will shift focus to delivering wellness to persons of all age and ability levels. More people will look to spas to heal and keep bodies functional, whether through pain-relieving and mobility enhancing therapies, nutrition advice, or the right forms of “functional fitness” for those with physical limitations or special needs.

Label Conscious Fitness

The idea of health and wellness has become a luxury, and like any other luxury, has a fashion market to go along with it. Millions chase the “insider elite,” giving the fitness world a distinct fashion world vibe where consumers shop for the latest fitness craze just as they search for the newest designer purse. Check out stores such as lululemon in the Third Ward, One Tooth at Bayshore Mall, or Sports Authority in Brookfield for all your fitness fashion needs.

Men:  From Barbers to “Brotox”

The beauty industry is no longer for women only. In 2013, look for spas to include customized for-men “beauty” menus – from male waxing and threading services to man-geared cosmetic procedures. More men are having more serious “work” done at medspas and plastic surgery offices, and have different needs than women, desiring subtle, not overdone results. We Love Men at Neroli and offer customized services and packages for all the men in your life.

Where the Jobs Are

Join an industry where hands-on skill can never be replaced. In a world of “high-tech” replacements, the beauty industry continues to thrive as more people are willing to commit to a lifestyle of wellness and pampering. With the $2 trillion-plus wellness market continuing to grow, spas simply cannot find enough people (with the right skills) to fill spa management/director or therapist jobs with the need promising to increase year after year. Interested in starting a career in the beauty and wellness industry? Milwaukee offers a variety of local schools, including the Aveda Institute of Beauty and Wellness who will be introducing an Ayurvedic Practitioner Program in April 2013.

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